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FAQ about working at OECM

Here are some of the questions that we are often asked by potential candidates. If you have further questions that are not answered here please email us at hr@oecm.ca

OECM is a Broader Public Sector (BPS), not-for-profit, group procurement organization.

We are not an agency of the Ontario Public Service.

We differentiate ourselves by being a small (25 employees), flexible and adaptable organization. In 2013, our employees gave us a satisfaction rating of 95.6 % for being proud to work for OECM and 91.3% for being a positive place to work.

We offer modern business policies and practices such as:

  • salary ranges in line with comparable positions in public sector
  • a benefits plan for permanent employees
  • flexible work arrangements
  • access to a Retirement Savings Program (employee contribution only)

We use a variety of channels in our quest for attracting top talent:

  • student and co-op programs (graduate and undergraduate)
  • word of mouth and personal references
  • job boards
  • LinkedIn
  • talent search agencies

We are looking for people who are passionate about leveraging collaborative sourcing to pursue quality and efficiency in public services, finding and enhancing cooperation between and among sector partners, and contributing to ways that will achieve value for money.

OECM follows a rigorous process for recruiting top talent.

Career opportunities are posted here on our website and other job boards to attract qualified candidates. 

Here are the steps we follow in our search:

  1. Screen resumes to determine which candidates meet the minimum qualifications for the position
  2. Conduct telephone screening of candidates possessing the minimum qualifications to explore and validate their experience, qualifications and fit with the job
  3. Conduct a skills test to validate the technical proficiency required for the job. This step is optional depending on the technical nature of the job. Candidates are short-listed using the test results before proceeding to the interview.
  4. Conduct in-person interviews, usually with a panel of 2 or 3 people. The hiring manager is always part of this panel. Other participants may include peers, next level managers, members of the executive team, or representatives from customer organizations. In many cases, the candidate is also required to deliver a presentation during the interview. The panel then rates and ranks each candidate and selects the successful candidate.
  5. The hiring manager will then extend a conditional verbal offer to the successful candidate, followed by a formal offer of employment.
  6. Mandatory background checks are completed, including criminal, credit (only for a finance-related position), education, employment verification and references.

Yes, you are encouraged to apply to any positions that you are qualified for. Be sure to tailor your qualifications against the requirements of the specific career opportunity to which you are applying.


We are always on the lookout for top talent. You can contact Human Resources or the Director in charge of the specific department.

Find out more about our organization structure and the staff in each department.

Internships and co-op opportunities are not posted on our website – they are posted at the respective institution, according to each program’s placement process.

OECM offers an attractive benefits plan which includes:

  • health
  • dental
  • long term disability
  • insurance
  • Retirement Savings Program (employee contribution only)