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Customer Council Committee “Expression of Interest” Application Package

All candidates who wish to be considered for membership on the Customer Council Committee must participate in the selection process, which includes an assessment of their qualifications and experience and participation in an interview.

If you are interested in joining other senior leaders from OECM’s customer communities and being part of the start-up of OECM’s new Customer Council Committee, please complete the Expression of Interest application package found below, upload a copy of your resume, and submit your completed application package, today.

Your “Expression of Interest” application package must include completion of the following:

  1. General Information
  2. Customer community you seek to represent
  3. Attestation of Personal Attributes
  4. Self-Assessment of the Essential Leadership Competencies
  5. How OECM will benefit from your participation on the Committee
  6. How your customer community will benefit from your participation on the Committee
  7. A summary of your specific experience and qualifications aligned with the Customer Council Committee Member Profile (attach your resume)

If you have questions about completing this package or require more information, please contact Karen Owen, Vice President, Supply Management and Customer Relations, at karen.owen@oecm.ca, or John Sabo, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), at john.sabo@oecm.ca.


1. General Information

2. Customer Community Representation

3. Attestation of Personal Attributes to Promote Committee Success

Integrity and Ethics, Confidentiality

Communication Skills

Team Effectiveness/Collaboration

Commitment to OECM’s Vision of Service Excellence

Commitment to OECM as a “go-to” sourcing partner

Availability to fulfill Committee membership responsibilities

4. Self-Assessment of Senior Leadership Competencies

The Council is a conduit for Service Governance at the Board level and provides a forum for senior leaders from OECM’s various customer communities to provide strategic input and recommendations regarding:

  1. OECM’s business priorities and plans for product and services delivery, ensuring alignment with customers' business priorities and plans;
  2. OECM’s integrated Service Governance Framework:​
  • OECM’s customer relationship and service delivery plans;
  • The relevance and effectiveness of OECM’s products and services;
  • Rationalize and integrate roles and responsibilities of executive and operations level committees, and to narrow the gap between the perceptions of end-users and  decision-makers;
  • New lines of business or services;
  • Business performance related to what matters to customers.

It is not expected that each Committee member will demonstrate all the executive-level leadership competencies listed below; but collectively, the Committee will be able to draw on all members’ knowledge and expertise, in order to effectively contribute to the Committee’s goal of achieving exceptional results for its customer communities.


(1) Working Level - Understand and can discuss the application and implications of changes to policies and processes.(2) Extensive - Recognized as a resource skilled in broad change initiatives; able to translate complex issues into process improvement.(3) Advanced - Consistent strategic focus; have consistently provided practical and innovative solutions / ideas which are easily implemented.
1. I am viewed as a system thinker and credible strategic resource when I represent my community’s needs and concerns in contributing either from my organization’s experience as a customer or as a member of a sector council or association.
2. I have experience in participating on executive-level strategic planning and business transformation committees, with a focus on service governance excellence.
3. I am currently involved in or have the opportunity to influence public sector supply management and sourcing and procurement decisions.
4. I am currently involved in/interested in/concerned about collaboration and partnership with OECM from my sector’s perspective.
5. I am aware of strategic priorities, pending business transformation and change challenges and opportunities that may impact either my organization’s or my communities’ business needs.

5. Describe how OECM would benefit from your participation on the Customer Council Committee.

[Maximum 300 words]

6. Describe how your specific customer community will benefit from your participation on the Customer Council Committee. 

[Maximum 300 words]

7.  Provide a summary of your specific experience and qualifications that demonstrate how you meet the Customer Council Committee Member Profile requirements.

[Attach your resume].