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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Below is an overview of our teams’ roles and responsibilities, under the guidance of our senior management team.

Office of the President and CEO (John Sabo, President & CEO)

The Office of the President & CEO is responsible for corporate governance and structure, and setting the strategic direction for OECM.  In addition, it establishes, communicates and implements the vision and mission of the organization, to ensure maximized customer and stakeholder value.  The Office encompasses the following groups:


  • Supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling their governance oversight and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Ensures the adherence to processes and practices established to provide transparency and accountability to OECM’s customers and supplier partners.

Office Support

  • Supports the integrity of the governance structure;
  • Provides administrative support to the President & CEO, and OECM’s senior executives;
  • Ensures the efficient functioning of the organization.

Supply Management and Customer Relations Division (Karen Owen, Vice President)

This division is comprised of three groups, which are at the front and centre of OECM. 

Supply Management

  • Builds and refreshes OECM’s Marketplace with a wide range of competitively-sourced and priced products and services;
  • Identifies and validates product and service priorities against customer business needs;
  • Leads cross-sector project teams on a wide range of complex sourcing initiatives, to build and refresh the Marketplace;
  • Manages the full-cycle competitive bidding process, including drafting and negotiating agreements with supplier partners;
  • Develops and maintains relationships with a wide range of stakeholders from education institutions, BPS organizations and suppliers;
  • Ensures compliance with Ontario’s Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive and other procurement legislative, regulatory and policy framework and related processes. 

Customer Relations

  • Engages customers and supplier partners through OECM’s Marketplace of Products and Services;
  • Establishes and sustains relationships with OECM’s supplier partners – to ensure meaningful customer experiences;
  • Ensures an effective balance between the interests of OECM and its customers and supplier partners;
  • Acts as a trusted advisor to customers and supplier partners;
  • Promotes the value of OECM’s Marketplace.

Marketing and Communications

  • Advises senior executives in all areas of communications management;
  • Builds and maintains brand and corporate identity;
  • Engages in public and media relations to positively position OECM in the education and broader public sectors;
  • Heightens awareness of OECM’s Marketplace of Products and Services;
  • Fosters the positive perception of the organization, among its customers and supplier partners;

Corporate Services Division (Len Scavuzzo, Vice President)

Comprised of five groups, this division plays a critical role in a wide range of critical back-office support activities, as follows:

Project Management

  • Defines the scope and resources required to meet project specifications;
  • Plans and efficiently manages the execution of OECM’s projects from conception to completion, to ensure business goals and objectives are achieved;
  • Manages change management processes.

Business Intelligence

  • Collects and analyzes data to gain insights and present actionable information to OECM’s senior executives, customers, and supplier partners;
  • Facilitates the improvement of the organization’s business processes;
  • Helps to identify strategic opportunities for increased collaboration between OECM and its customers and supplier partners.

Human Resources (HR)

  • Develops and executes a wide range of strategic and operational activities to ensure OECM continues to be a high performing organization;
  • Advises the CEO and senior executives on the development and management of employee-related resources;
  • Establishes foundational policies and programs for OECM;
  • Focuses on the strategic recruitment and retention of talented employees.

Financial Services

  • Plans and implements the financial, operational, infrastructure and administrative functions of OECM;
  • Provides expert financial advice to the CEO, the executive team and the Board of Directors;
  • Leads the financial reporting, accounting and annual budget and forecasting processes;
  • Manages multiple contracts for internal requirements, including the provincial Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA), insurance, information technology, banking, audit, facilities and appropriate legal review of contracts;
  • Ensures adequate internal controls are developed and maintained to safeguard corporate assets.

Information Technology (IT) Services

  • Provides reliable and ongoing accessibility of OECM’s Marketplace of products and services;
  • Maintains OECM’s computer systems to help maintain web presence;
  • Ensures the network runs smoothly and efficiently;

All OECM teams are here to help, and can be contacted at any time.