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OECM Establishes New Board of Directors at its Annual General Meeting

Toronto, Canada - OECM’s outgoing Board of Directors took a bold step in renewing its corporate governance model by approving a new competency-based Board of Directors, eight independents and four with sector experience, at its AGM on November 29, 2016.  The new governance model is a critical first step in building the foundation for OECM’s Vision 2020 strategy and transformation roadmap.  OECM will continue to create and sustain value for its customers over the next several years, to help save Ontario taxpayers money.

“I want to thank the previous Board for their leadership in endorsing a new governance framework, following leading edge governance practices that will ensure OECM continues to stay focused on creating and delivering value for our customers, and generating savings that will benefit students in the Ontario education system,” said Georgina Steinsky, outgoing Chair of the Board.

On November 29th, Arnie Strub and Jacquie Davison were elected as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.  In addressing the first meeting of OECM’s new Board of Directors, Mr. Strub stated: “OECM’s new Board of Directors will be focused on ensuring the success, sustainability and best interests of OECM’s customers through robust strategy, planning and performance.”

Mr. Strub also took the time to acknowledge the long-time valuable contribution of outgoing Board Chair, Georgina Steinsky.  “Georgina’s passion has continued to advance OECM’s positive reputation within Ontario’s public sector procurement landscape. Her dedication over the last eight years, as Board Chair, has been instrumental in helping to shape OECM’s future.”

The new Board is particularly excited about embedding OECM’s strategic priority of “Customer-Centric Services” at the board level, by establishing a Customer Council – a new Committee of the board – that will include both Board members and customer representatives. Customers will now have a direct conduit for engagement and influence at the executive level, as pertaining to OECM’s service delivery and enhanced customer experiences.

John Sabo, OECM’s President and CEO thanked the previous Board for their encouragement and support in starting OECM on the journey of initiating OECM’s Vision 2020 business directions and transformation roadmap.

“OECM’s management and staff look forward to working closely with the new Board, over the next few months, to help shape and transform all facets of OECM’s business over the next several years,” said John.

About OECM:

OECM is a trusted not-for-profit group procurement sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations.  We contract with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of quality products and services, to generate significant savings for our customers. 

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