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OECM's New Board of Directors to Shape Its Transformation and Growth

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OECM is looking to establish its first “competency-based board” of 9 to 12 Directors at its AGM on November 24, 2016. This is a critical first step in building the foundation for our Vision 2020 business strategy and transformation in order to continue to sustain and grow the business over the next several years.

In addressing a recent meeting of OECM’s Board of Directors, Georgina Steinsky, Chair of the Board, said: “OECM’s Board has taken the bold step in establishing a renewed corporate governance model. OECM’s ability to deliver on its transformation journey is contingent on strategic leadership at the board, with members who are focused objectively and exclusively on the success, sustainability and the best interests of OECM and its customers.”

“This transformation is an exciting time for the organization. It’s an opportunity for the new board to focus on the big picture in guiding OECM through its transformation.  High priority will be placed on the vision of the value that OECM can create and deliver through robust strategy, planning and performance.” Georgina continued.

OECM is passionate about building strategic partnerships, enhancing our customers’ experience and growing our business to ensure financial sustainability.  Our track record of success is defined by our relentless pursuit of excellence in collaborative sourcing and customer and supplier relationship management, resulting in more funds being available for core academic and administrative activities for Ontario’s education sector institutions (school boards, colleges and universities) and other broader public sector (BPS) organizations.

We expect the same passion and commitment from our Board.

This is an exciting time to join OECM’s Board and contribute experience and expertise in advancing OECM’s reputation as a premier strategic sourcing partner in Ontario’s public procurement landscape by demonstrating:

  • a commitment to OECM’s mission, vision, values and driving the change and transformation agenda
  • executive leadership in setting strategic directions, goals and objectives and measuring business success
  • a passion for enhancing the customer and stakeholder experience 
  • how to translate their knowledge of current and emerging issues affecting the BPS and particular public sector procurement, to help drive OECM’s change and transformation agenda

OECM’s Board of Directors is looking for a slate of 9 to 12 directors for our AGM on November 24th, 2016: 

3-4 directors with sector experience, meaning that the director:

  • is currently working in the education sector or serving on a board of directors in the education sector
  • worked in the education sector (previous career or retiree)
  • brings sector perspective to the Board table.

6-9 directors will be independent directors meaning that the individual:

  • has no direct or indirect material relationship with OECM (i.e., is not a funder, customer, vendor, or employee of OECM);
  • is able to serve without any pre-existing conflict of interest / duty to another organization; and
  • is not employed by/affiliated with any customer of OECM.

The Board has approved a budget to support the implementation of leading governance practices which includes: Board member remuneration based on rates established by the Ontario Government’s Public Appointments Secretariat, out-of-pocket expenses, Professional Development, and Board/Committee Secretariat Services.

“We are looking for Board members who will contribute their passion for continuing to advance OECM’s positive reputation and position within Ontario’s public sector procurement landscape by building on the success of our business results and helping to shape and transform all facets of OECM’s business over the next several years,” Georgina concluded.

Interested in learning more?  Go to OECM's Board Opportunities page

The application deadline is Wednesday October 12, 2016. 

About OECM

OECM is a small (30 employees) Broader Public Sector not-for-profit group procurement organization, offering a Marketplace of collaboratively-sourced and competitively-priced, products and services from over 150 supplier partners. We also offer value add services such as advisory, business analytics and knowledge sharing.  We offer our customers “Savings, Choice and Service”. OECM follows the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive for all procurements.

OECM Contact: John Sabo: President & CEO or 416-847-0081.