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Our Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our strategic plan is shaped by our strong belief in our mission, vision, and values. These guide our actions and demonstrate who we are and what we do. Collaboration is the foundation of our business, enabling us to build a bridge between customers and supplier partners to foster an exceptional customer experience.

Our Mission

Our strategy starts with a mission that explains why we exist. It shapes our today.

Generate savings to support excellence in education by unlocking the potential of collaborative strategic sourcing.

Our Vision

Our vision is how we want to be perceived by our customers. It is our tomorrow.

Be the premier customer-driven supply management partner for Ontario’s education sector.

Our Values

We can prepare for tomorrow if we believe in our values. Our values decide what we do and how we do it. At OECM, each of us is accountable for ensuring that his or her actions are aligned with our values.

Collaboration: We are committed to working together to achieve common goals.

Responsiveness: We deliver on our promises in a timely way.

Integrity: We are open, honest, and accountable.

Innovation: We pursue creative solutions to foster an exceptional customer experience.

Respect: We listen to and value everyone’s ideas and opinions in a fair, open, and attentive way.

At OECM, we offer our customers savings, choice and service.