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Customs Brokerage and Related Services

Products and Services: 
3rd Party Logistics
Customs Brokerage (Canada & USA)
Educational Webinars
Freight Forwarding
Trade Consulting
What you'll get: 
  • Freight forwarding to and from all destinations around the world
  • 3PL (third party logistics including warehouse and distribution)
  • Technology advances including BoarderTrax app, Descartes® tracking and SmartBorder Shipper Side software
  • Rigorous quality control processes eliminating costly errors
  • Customs solutions that adapt to your internal processes and needs
  • Strategic partnership with FedEx leveraging data, imaging and EDI for expedited clearance and next day delivery
  • Flexible and customizable reporting and billing that is tailored to your needs
Supplier Partners
Thompson Ahern International
Expiry Date: 
April 13, 2018
This agreement has no further extension periods remaining. The re-tender will begin in July, 2017.
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Working Group Members: 
  • Humber College
  • Queens University
  • University of Guelph

Supplier Partners