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There are many advantages to working with OECM. Find out how OECM's services can work for you!

Our Customers

Whether you're a current customer or a potential customer, we can help you achieve savings and increase process efficiencies with access to thousands of competitively-sourced and priced, high quality products and services through our supplier partners.

If you already know how working with OECM can benefit you, find out how to get started with our Marketplace straight away!

If not, then let us give you more information on how you too can make the most of OECM's Marketplace products and services. Learn more.

Our Suppliers

If you're a potential supplier partner, we can help you showcase your leading edge products, services and emerging technologies to Ontario’s education sector and other Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations. Learn more.

Our Team

Our Team is here to help you with any questions you may have about OECM and our products and services. Get to know them.

Our Processes

Are you interested in finding out about OECM's competitive, compliant and transparent procurement process? Learn more.