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Our Customers

Who are our customers?

Our customers are Ontario's publicly funded Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations, primarily the education sector, school boards, colleges and universities, but also municipalities, hospitals, community care access centres, developmental services organizations and non-for-profit organizations.

If your organization is publicly funded in Ontario, you are eligible to access OECM’s services.

95% of Ontario’s publicly funded education institutions are currently buying through the OECM Marketplace. Your organization may already be buying products and services through OECM. Speak to your colleagues in procurement to find out more.

What are the benefits of doing business with OECM?

Access: You have access to our services at anytime from anywhere through our website

Choice: We offer a Marketplace of thousands of competitively-sourced,and priced, high quality products and services through our supplier partners

Collaboration: Collaboration is core to our business. We bring people together around common goals and make things happen. We share our ideas and knowledge in an open, transparent and friendly way. We support their efforts and recognize their expertise and professionalism 

Compliance: We operate in compliance with the BPS Procurement Directive

Innovation: We pursue creative solutions to foster an exceptional customer experience and help our customers reduce costs and achieve efficiencies

Partnership: We proactively engage our customers and suppliers throughout the business cycle, which includes consulting, planning, sourcing, procuring and managing agreements through their life cycle

Savings: We are committed to unlocking the potential of collaboration to reduce costs for products and services, thereby driving savings and contributing to the effective use of public sector resources

Service: We are passionate about meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations of exceptional service by providing high quality, consistent, responsive and accessible services

Voluntary: We do not require membership or a spend or quantity commitment to participate

Ready to get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply follow our five-step process to start buying through OECM's supplier partners. Learn more.