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Our Supplier Partners

Who are OECM's supplier partners?

OECM's Marketplace of Products and Services is constantly growing, and so are our supplier partners.

We have a broad cross-section of companies, from local, family-run businesses, to global brands, all of which provide high quality, competitively priced products and services. All of our supplier partners have passed our rigorous, open, fair and transparent procurement process.

All of our supplier partners are showcased in our Marketplace.

Why become an OECM supplier partner?

There are numerous benefits to becoming an OECM supplier partner.

It is estimated that Ontario’s 118 publicly funded education institutions, comprising school boards, colleges and universities, spend $4 billion annually on products and services.

The benefits of doing business with OECM include:

Access: Expand your market by providing your OECM contracted products and services to Ontario’s education sector and other BPS organizations.

Choice: Help grow our marketplace by adding your products and services that are relevant to the needs of BPS organizations.

Collaboration: Reduce your costs in participating in public sector procurement through our collaborative sourcing and procurement process.

Compliance: You will be treated at all times with integrity, fairness and transparency.

Innovation: Opportunities await for you to showcase your leading edge, emerging technologies, products, services and practices.

Partnership: We support you in promoting your products and services right from the beginning of our partnership.

Savings: You will reduce your costs by responding to fewer sourcing competitions (e.g. one RFP) while having access to more customers in the education sector and BPS institutions.Your product and service pricing contributes to reduced costs for the sector, thereby driving savings and contributing to the effective use of public sector resources.

Service: You will have the opportunity to showcase your commitment to service excellence by providing a high value customer experience that meets or exceeds OECM’s customers’ expectations

There is a movement within the public sector, and educational institutions especially, towards increasing the amount of collaboration purchasing for every day products and services. OECM was specifically established to serve this purpose. Find out more about the history of OECM.

How to become a supplier partner

Becoming an OECM supplier partner starts with submitting your response to one of our RFPs.

All of our RFx notices are published on both MERX™ and Biddingo. We are currently piloting the Ontario Tender’s Portal to post our RFx.

All responses are rigorously reviewed and evaluated to determine which suppliers can provide the best product and service, competitive pricing, customer service and overall value to our customers.

Successful suppliers are then invited to sign a Master Agreement with us to facilitate the provision of their products and services to OECM customers.

Find out more about our procurement process and stay informed about upcoming RFPs.

How OECM supports supplier partners

Once a supplier partner comes on board, we:

  1. Orient them on their responsibilities, how the master agreement will be managed and the customer sign up process
  2. Help them understand how to best engage our education and Broader Public Sector (BPS) customers
  3. Jointly prepare and deliver marketing campaigns, including outreach activities, such as trade shows and webinars