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Our Team

OECM is comprised of talented individuals with a collective passion for results.

When you join OECM, your teammates' collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis.

The Strategic Sourcing Managers collaborate with customers and suppliers to determine the requirements and evaluation methodology to ensure efficient agreements providing cost savings are in place for Ontario’s Broader Public Sector.

OECM not only sources products and services to meet the requirements of our clients, but ensures a relationship is maintained and managed throughout the life cycle of the agreement. 

OECM’s Business Relationship Managers manage a small team of business analysts to help our customers achieve savings: manage relationships with supplier partners; monitor supplier performance, resolve issues and embed best practices in helping suppliers promote and deliver diverse products and services to OECM’s customers.

Our Business Development Manager builds on OECM’s success by understanding and developing new markets such as the Developmental Services sector. This role ensures that OECM’s value - delivering savings by accessing a marketplace with a wide choice of products and services - are conveyed to our customers in a responsive and customer-focused way. 

OECM’s team delivers high quality service that is vital to our customers. All of our team members work together every day towards a common goal – achieve savings and provide reliable service end to end. Our commitment extends to every detail of our job and you’ll see it in the quality of our work and our interactions with our customers.

Caring and supportive staff are always ready to assist our customers through the challenges of the day. 

Sourcing Solutions & Business Relationship Managers

Supply Management and Customer Relations Division

  • Karen Owen
    Vice President, Supply Management and Customer Relations
    (416) 254-6263
  • Dan McCowell
    Project Director, Customer Service & Engagement
    (905) 715-8760

Sourcing Solutions Group

Business Relationship Group

Financial Services & Business Intelligence Group