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Procurement Process

OECM's procurement process is rigorous, open, fair and transparent.

OECM conducts procurements that are compliant with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive and the trade agreements.

We encourage our customers to represent the needs of their organizations by getting involved in the procurement process. Find out more about becoming an Advisory Committee or Evaluation Committee member.

OECM Procurement Process - Planning, RFX Development, Posting, Evaluation, Award and Agreement Management


  • Gather information and data
  • Research the scope of products and/or services
  • Perform supplier and client consultations
  • Engage customers to create an Advisory Committee for the project
  • Develop a business case and Project Charter

RFx Development

  • Post a pre-notice on MERX™, Biddingo and/or Electronic Tendering Sites (ETS) to consult with suppliers
  • Develop RFx strategy
  • Define requirements and scope
  • Draft RFx
  • Distribute final RFx to Advisory Committee for review
  • Finalize RFx
  • Seek approval to post with supporting documents


  • All of our RFx notices are published on both MERX™ and Biddingo. We are currently piloting the Ontario Tender’s Portal to post our RFx
  • Hold information session -- if applicable
  • Facilitate question and answer period (two rounds) -- if applicable
  • Issue final addendum and Q&A documents
  • Post a closing notification
  • Close RFx


  • Develop evaluation material
  • Train Evaluation Committee
  • Perform RFx evaluation stages
  • Hold consensus meeting -- if applicable
  • Complete the remainder of the RFx evaluation stages
  • Inform the Advisory Committee and Evaluation Committee of the overall evaluation results


  • Seek approval to award RFx with supporting documents
  • Write the agreements
  • Notify the preferred proponents
  • Finalize the agreements with the preferred proponents
  • Execute agreements
  • Launch the agreements for clients to access
  • Send the letters of regret and offer debriefing sessions with unsuccessful proponents
  • Hold debriefing sessions
  • Advisory Committee Wrap-up Session

Agreement Management

  • Supplier kick-off meeting
  • Webinar introducing the agreement
  • Client follow up and feedback
  • Quarterly meeting with the suppliers
  • Savings analysis
  • Ongoing customer support