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Get Involved

Participating in a sourcing project as a member of an Advisory Committee or Evaluation Committee is a great way to represent your organization in a collaborative sourcing and procurement project. Customers share valuable insights into their organizations' business needs, which helps to shape the products and services that OECM adds to its Marketplace. It’s also a great way to share your subject matter expertise, network with other colleagues with similar priorities and challenges, gain insights and best practices, and learn how to apply the BPS Procurement Directive to ensure an open, fair and transparent procurement process.

Become an Advisory Committee Member

Advisory Committee members are the “voice of the customer” in every OECM sourcing project. They:

  • provide product and service spend and usage data and other information to help forecast the potential scope of the project;
  • validate their specific business needs;
  • provide subject matter expertise on the requirements for specific products and services;
  • provide input into the overall sourcing strategy and evaluation criteria and methodology;
  • participate in supplier consultations that are held in the early stages of the project, to gain insights into what the market has to offer (participation is optional).

A typical project (up to the posting of the procurement) requires approximately three (3) teleconference meetings, ranging from one (1) to two (2) hours. Depending on the complexity of the project, these meetings take place over three (3) to five (5) months. OECM thoroughly prepares for each meeting with clear objectives and materials to facilitate the most effective and efficient meetings.

Join a Sourcing Project Evaluation Committee

Once the procurement is posted, an Evaluation Committee is formed to review and evaluate supplier proposal submissions. Members of this committee include members of the existing sourcing project Advisory Committee, and other customers who have an interest in the specific products, services and suppliers. Evaluators are trained to ensure a consistent approach to evaluating and scoring supplier proposals. After compiling each evaluator's scores, OECM holds a Review Meeting, during which the evaluators thoroughly discuss their ratings of proposals.

The time commitment required by an Evaluator will vary depending on the number of proposals received. Generally, two meetings are required:

  1. Training (one (1) hour)
  2. Review Meeting (half day to one (1) day)

Getting involved

You can volunteer to become an Advisory Committee Member or Evaluator for one of the upcoming projects by contacting the Project Lead listed in the Products and Services Coming Soon section.