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Opportunity for Membership on OECM’s Customer Council Committee

OECM is establishing its first Customer Council Committee (CCC), a critical step towards OECM’s Vision 2020 business transformation journey, and a renewed focus on the customer experience. OECM is searching for executive-level leaders to participate on the Committee, working with three OECM Board members.

In 2016, OECM completed a project to establish its Vision 2020 Strategy and Business Transformation Road Map. Deloitte LLP assisted OECM with this project by conducting extensive consultations with customers, to gain insights to define the strategy and key priorities. Opportunities were identified in the areas of Board governance and enhancing service excellence, which became the catalyst for establishing new leading practices, competency-based Board of Directors, and a new Board Customer Council Committee. The Board believes that this new Committee will embed OECM’s strategic priority of “Customer-Centric Services” by becoming a “pipeline” for customer engagement and influence at the Board level.  

The goal of the Council is to provide a conduit for integrated Service Governance at the Board level, by creating a forum for executive-level leaders from OECM’s customer communities to provide their strategic input and recommendations regarding:

  • Setting strategic directions, goals and objectives and measuring business success related to enhancing the customer experience; e.g., customer relationship and service delivery strategies;
  • OECM’s business plans and the delivery of product and services, ensuring alignment with customers' business priorities and plans;
  • Creating sector trusted advisors and advocates of key customer priorities and OECM’s value proposition.

The Council is comprised of three (3) OECM Board members and up to 14 leaders from executive-level organizations* – representing the following four (4) OECM customer communities:

  • Up to four (4) representatives of the School Board sector
  • Up to four (4) representatives of the College sector
  • Up to four (4) representatives of the University sector
  • Up to two (2) representatives of the Broader Public and Not-for-Profit (NFP) Sectors.

∗ Examples of executive-level organizations include OASBO, COU and COP.

Executive-level leaders must exhibit the following:

Personal Attributes

  • Is respected for his/her personal and professional integrity and judgment;
  • Effective communication skills;
  • Team effectiveness;
  • Collaboration skills: i.e., has a collegial working relationship;
  • Commitment to OECM’s vision of service excellence - by contributing to sustaining and growing OECM as a viable Not-for-profit (NFP) Group Procurement Organization (GPO);
  • Has no direct or indirect material relationship with OECM: i.e., is not a funder, vendor, or employee of OECM;
  • Is able to serve without any pre-existing conflict of interest/duty to another organization;
  • Have the time, energy and interest to assume this role.

Essential Senior Leadership Competencies

Viewed as a system thinker and credible strategic resource in representing their community’s needs and concerns in contributing either from their organization’s experience as a customer, or as a member of a council/association;  

  • Involved in or have influence over sourcing and procurement decisions;
  • Involved in/interested in/concerned about collaboration and& partnership with OECM – from their sector’s perspective;
  • Operate at a level where they are aware of strategic priorities or pending change initiatives that may impact their organization’s or their community’s business needs;
  • Demonstrate the ability to constructively and effectively challenge and find solutions to service issues;
  • Have no direct or indirect material relationship with OECM: i.e., is not a funder, vendor, or employee of OECM;
  • Able to serve without any pre-existing conflict of interest/duty to another organization.

As a Board Appointed Committee Member:

  • You must be available to attend a minimum of four meetings a year, each with a duration ranging from two hours to one full day;
  • Fifty percent (50%) of each community member will be appointed for one (1) two (2) year term, with the possibility of one (1) two (2) year extension, and the other 50% will be appointed for one (1) three (3) year term – with the possibility of one (1) two (2) year extension;
  • You are eligible for reimbursement of per-diem and out-of-pocket expenses, including travel and accommodation - as per OECM’s Director Remuneration Policy.

See Customer Council Committee’s Terms of Reference for more details.

Are you interested in having executive-level colleagues from your customer community and being “on the ground floor” of the start-up of OECM’s new Customer Council Committee – with a direct pipeline to OECM’s Board, as “Voice of the Customer” – to influence a renewed focus on the customer and continuous customer engagement? If YES, then please complete an Expression of Interest to be considered for membership on OECM’s Customer Council Committee!

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for screening and interviews will be contacted. OECM is an inclusive employer. Accommodation is available under the Ontario Human Rights Code.