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Calian IT Professional Services

340 Legget Drive
Suite 101
Ottawa, ON K2K 1Y6
Calian IT Professional Services provides the following products and services:

Calian's Cyber Resilience Office is a cyber-security solutions provider with a unique perspective coming from our expertise in emergency management and business resilience. We bring value to our clients through customized solutions combining: market leading technology, a community of proven expertise, and our program model for building a resilient business.

Calian offers a broad range of services for government and industry in : Health, IT, Training, and Systems Engineering and Manufacturing. With more than 300 multidisciplinary IT professionals on contracts across Canada and over 30 years of experience, Calian has emerged as a premier national supplier of IT Professional Services with substantial experience in providing IT services to both public and private sector clients. 

Calian has the experience and expertise to support complex IT initiatives and manage discrete IT functions regardless of technology platform or applications.

Our strength lies in understanding our clients’ needs, developing solutions to meet those needs and following through to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully satisfied. Calian will find, hire and manage the right consultant or team of consultants, to meet the project deliverables, from our pre-qualified pool of over 145,000 experienced consultants.

Customers choose Calian to deliver quality IT Professional Services including IT Consulting, Cyber Security and IT Products.

Founded in 1982 as a consulting firm, Calian Technologies Ltd.is publically traded on the TSX (TSX: CTY) and employs over 2,200 people with offices across Canada and projects that span national and international markets. Calian holds both Canada Awards for Excellence for Quality and for Healthy Workplace and has a long standing history exceeding our customers’ expectations.