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Procurement Templates and Resources

Designed to assist our colleagues in the education sector with their own procurements, we have developed a number of procurement templates to help streamline the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

There are different RFP templates for three types of the procurement:

  • Goods
  • Services
  • Goods and Installation (Capital Equipment)

Benefits of using the templates

All templates:

  • Are aligned with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, and therefore, ensure compliance
  • Provide for  a fair, open, transparent, and competitive procurement process
  • Are designed to save time by providing a consistent approach to procurement

Download the templates today

Separate templates have been developed for each sub-sector, so please ensure that you use the templates designed for your sector:

If you have questions, or would like more information on our procurement templates, please connect with Strategic Souring Manager, Patti Greer at patti.greer@oecm.ca or 416-847-1109.


OECM has conducted a thorough review of the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive to ensure that the applicable mandatory requirements have been addressed within the templates.

The mandatory requirements are highlighted in the templates with annotations and include the necessary information to support compliance with each.


OECM is working towards the development of other common procurement templates (e.g. RFT, RFI, etc.). There are also plans to introduce a negotiated model RFP template. 



The templates are meant to be used as a starting point and guide for your organization. You are encouraged to tailor them to meet your particular needs for each procurement project.

However, caution should be exercised to ensure inconsistencies or contradictions do not exist in the RFP or between the RFP and the Form of Agreement. You may wish to have legal oversight on significant changes. 



Appendices can be added to address your specific needs. Please ensure they are accurately referred to in the RFP, including the table of contents.


You can use your own Form of Agreement as long as it aligns with what is written in the RFP document itself.