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Our corporate governance principles are designed to support our strategic objectives as well as to create value and protect the interests of all our customers.

Organization Structure

OECM’s senior management team plays a key role in the overall governance of OECM’s businesses by working with the Board to set strategic directions and policy to assist in their oversight responsibilities.

  • Office of the President and CEO
  • Supply Management and Customer Relations Division
    • Supplier Relationship Management Group
    • Customer Service and Engagement Group
    • Sourcing Solutions Group
  • Corporate Services Division
    • Human Resources
    • Financial Services & Business Intelligence Group

Board of Directors

OECM is guided by the oversight of a competency-based Board of Directors. The Board of Directors focus on the big picture: the vision of the value that OECM creates and delivers through robust strategy, planning and performance management that guide and support OECM.

View OECM By-law.

Board Committees

Board members also participate in three committees that are responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on policy formulation and fiduciary responsibilities to help OECM achieve its strategic objectives and facilitate Board decision-making and approval on governance.

See the terms of reference for these 3 committees:

OECM’s Customer Council Committee was established in 2017 to provide strategic input to OECM, regarding our customer-centric services, products and services, service delivery strategy, customer and supplier relationship management, and more.