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Contract & Supplier Relationship Management Program

OECM supplier partners play a fundamental role in ensuring our customers’ needs are met with consistent and exceptional service. To support our mission of delivering value, savings, choice, and service to our customers, it is critical for OECM to strengthen our relationships with our growing portfolio of supplier partners.

Effectively managing supplier performance while harnessing their expertise and innovative ideas, are critical components to a successful Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) program.

Working collaboratively with our key suppliers, OECM has built a comprehensive SRM program to effectively manage 200+ suppliers, drive innovation and deliver continuous improvement.

The agreements available through OECM’s Marketplace of Products and Services include contract management services including:

  • Developing and identifying savings and value
  • Conducting ongoing business reviews with supplier partners to resolve issues
  • Evaluating and monitoring performance objectives proactively through KPIs and SLAs
  • Effective negotiations on customers behalf through the term of the agreement
  • Establishing risk mitigation and management strategies
  • Regular price audits
  • Knowledge sharing
  • and more.

Our supplier relationship management team works in close coordination with our supplier partners to ensure that OECM customers consistently receive high-quality products and superior services by maintaining open and clear lines of communication and providing a choice of competitively-sourced products and services.

Supplier Recognition Program

As part of OECM's continuous efforts to bring you greater value while supporting our supplier partners, OECM has launched the 2021 Supplier Recognition Program ("SRP") to acknowledge top-performing supplier partners for their exceptional service and overall value to OECM customers. The SRP aims to drive long-term performance improvements by recognizing and motivating supplier partners to deliver continued savings, value, choice, and service to our customers.

Based on the scores, supplier partners can earn one of three categories of recognition: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The 2021 SRP results will be published on our website in April 2022.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Together with our supplier partners, OECM has established trusting and successful relationships with customers. To build upon these relationships, OECM recently introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct. Based on OECM’s core values, the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC) was developed to ensure that all supplier partners adhere to a set standard when conducting business in the OECM Marketplace. By promoting these standards and applying measures to ensure compliance, OECM demonstrates its intention to partner with suppliers that operate in a manner that is congruent with its core values.