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Environmental Professional Services

(Asbestos and Abatement Services)

Through this agreement you will receive all the services required to address your environmental issues including: asbestos, designated substances, mold and other pathogens.

Sampling and testing consultations and services required to comply with the guidelines set by Ontario legislation, standards and regulations for building maintenance, renovation, demolition and occupancy are also included.

Our suppliers have extensive experience with environmental remediation and the revitalization of contaminated sites.

What You’ll Get

  • Annual inspection of asbestos, designated substance surveys and ad hoc testing for mold and other pathogens.
  • Asbestos abatement project management services.
  • Drinking water sampling as per Ontario Regulation O.Reg. 243/07 Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Professional project management and customer support services from qualified Suppliers with knowledge and experience in delivery of environmental safety and quality assurance services.
  • Risk management reports and assessment to address any potential hazardous contaminants remaining on site.
  • Precise evaluations, testing, and appropriate solutions for your environmental assessment and remediation projects.
  • Environmental assessment process and evaluation that is in compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal environmental laws.

Learn more about this agreement

To learn more about the Environmental Professional Services agreement, view our Information Session.

Choosing Your Supplier

To truly gain a competitive advantage, OECM has provided a comprehensive Second Stage Selection guide and template to walk you through all the information required to obtain accurate quotes from our Suppliers should you require.

OECM is available to support you in your decision-making by facilitating the Second Stage Selection process.

Products and Services: 
Air monitoring
Designated substances
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
Water sampling
Supplier Partners
CM3 Environmental Inc.
DST Consulting Engineers Inc.
ECOH Management Inc.
Englobe Corp.
Maple Environmental Inc.
McIntosh Perry Ltd.
MTE Consultants Inc.
S2S Environmental Inc.
Safetech Environmental Ltd.
T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.
Expiry Date: 
January 15, 2024
Agreements set to expire on January 15, 2024 with no further extension options remaining: CM3 Environmental Inc., DST Consulting Engineers Inc., ECOH Management Inc., Englobe Corp., McIntosh Perry Ltd., MTE Consultants Inc., S2S Environmental Inc., Safetech Environmental Ltd., T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.; Agreement set to expire on January 15, 2023 with the option to extend the Agreement for one additional period of one year: Maple Environmental Inc.
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Project Advisory Committee Members: 
  • Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir
  • York Catholic District School Board
  • York University

Supplier Partners

ECOH Management Inc.
Mahir Bholat
Project Manager
(905) 795-2800 ext. 2255
Find out more about ECOH Management Inc.
Zones Supplied: 
All Zones
McIntosh Perry Ltd.
Mario Morana
Manager, Hazardous Materials & Environmental Safety
(289) 319-3150
Find out more about McIntosh Perry Ltd.
Zones Supplied: 
MTE Consultants Inc.
Gavin Oakes
Manager, Indoor Environments
(905) 639-2552 ext. 2432
Find out more about MTE Consultants Inc.
Zones Supplied: 
All Zones
S2S Environmental Inc.
Jack Glassco
Project Manager, Health, Safety and Compliance
(416) 452-9197
Find out more about S2S Environmental Inc.
Zones Supplied: 
All Zones