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Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design

Webinar | Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design

Facilities and Operations
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September 16, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Hosted by: Herman Miller Canada, Inc. dba Workplace Resource

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Join this webinar to learn more about Social Ergonomics in Workplace Design.

A workplace (whether it be a campus, hospital, or corporate office) that helps us initiate and regulate social interaction, that takes into consideration factors like personal space, physical and psychological proximity, and territoriality, helps us feel better. And when we feel better, we work better.

Presented by Rebecca Horton, Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Lead at Herman Miller, this webinar will introduce participants to social ergonomics and its implications for office design, helping you to design work environments that are healthier for everyone.

Participate in this webinar to:

  • Understand how social ergonomics interacts with cognitive and physical ergonomics to create positive experiences at work and drive business goals.
  • Understand how people use office tools and furniture to demonstrate their sociality.
  • Understand the design considerations related to social ergonomics.
  • Be better equipped to use the workplace as a strategic asset, thanks to a better understanding of social ergonomics' impact on work and the workplace.

Rebecca Horton Biography: As a life-long Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager with Fortune 50 Companies (AT&T, United Technologies, Bombardier Aerospace), Rebecca Horton has managed Sustainability and Wellbeing within: manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, and transportation. With her interesting combination of world-class business ops knowledge and her passion for wellbeing she instinctively provides insightful and cost-effective workplace consultation, support, & solutions. Rebecca is a Geoscientist, Master Pilates Instructor, wife, & mom to daughters and a Shiba Inu.

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