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Insurance Consulting Services

Is your organization seeking assistance in assessing various aspects of your insurance needs in order to make your insurance program more efficient and effective?

What You’ll Get

  • Analysis of insurance policies
  • Long term insurance planning
  • A wide range of services including employee group benefits
  • Assessment of alternative risk financing models
  • Technical expertise for insurance related procurements
  • Facilitated annual planning and program renewals
  • Compiled report on client's current state
  • Implementation insurance practices
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Recommendation on appropriate services and options
Products and Services: 
Employee group benefits
Go-to-market procurement strategy advice
Insurance Consulting
Insurance planning
Insurance policy review and analysis
risk assessment
Supplier Partners
Cameron & Associates Insurance Consultants Ltd.
INTECH Risk Management
Expiry Date: 
June 14, 2022
There are no further extension options remaining.
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Project Advisory Committee Members: 
  • Central Ontario Healthcare Procurement Alliance (COHPA)
  • OECM
  • Sheridan College

Supplier Partners