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Englobe Corp.

353 Bridge Street East
Kitchener, ON N2K 2Y5
Englobe Corp. provides the following products and services:

Englobe Corp. is a national leader in environmental, geotechnical, pavement, and materials engineering and building science services. For over 55 years, Englobe has been performing investigations, inspection, testing, analyses, assessments, supervision and monitoring of work on a wide range of projects for public and private sector clients. We have 64 offices in Canada, with 13 in Ontario (Brantford, Burlington, Sudbury (x2), Kenora, Kitchener, London (x2), North Bay, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Waterloo) and 8 analytical labs in Ontario.

Englobe has over 2,170 employees (incl. 325 in ON) which include Professional Engineers and Geologists, hygienists, environmental scientists, geoscientists, hydrogeologists, geologists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists, technicians, technologists, lab staff, and administrative support staff, a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Qualified Person (QP) professionals.

Englobe has decades of experience in Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Survey, Asbestos and Mold Management and Inventory for multiple buildings, ACM surveys and inventory, Mold and Water Damage assessment and reporting, and air sampling and monitoring. As a result, we have in-depth knowledge of asbestos and the related regulations which enable accurate diagnosis of the implications of their presence, and which allows us to provide the best-suited approach and specific recommendations for each project.