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Fastenal Canada, Ltd.

900 Wabanaki Drive
Kitchener, ON N2C 0B7
Fastenal Canada, Ltd. provides the following products and services:

Everyone is trying to drive costs out of the supply chain. Government agencies need the same innovative supply chain management solutions as commercial businesses. Whether it’s an army base, or a metro transit authority, Fastenal is deploying industrial supply distribution best practices and supply chain management solutions to solve the government’s inventory management challenges and drive down total cost.

The same vendor managed inventory solutions that Fastenal pioneered for commercial industry are transforming the supply chain management of government agencies. Our customers include federal, provincial and municipal government agencies. Our contracts range from complex supply chain lean transformations to on-site supply locations and bin stock programs. If you have supply chain management needs, Fastenal has a solution.

At Fastenal, we understand that keeping your schools up and running is your top priority. From facilities maintenance supplies that help care and sustain your grounds to safety supplies that protect your staff and students, Fastenal can support you with dedicated local inventory and delivery service.