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Powerland Computers Ltd.

170 Marion St.
Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T4
Powerland Computers Ltd. provides the following products and services:

Powerland is one of Canada’s leading, largest, and fastest growing national IT solution providers, helping our clients transform their business, empower their workforce, and provide a better customer experience. Powerland has fostered long-term relationships with the world’s leading technology manufacturers – our strategic partnerships help ensure our customers receive the best available technologies and service.

Powerland recognizes that each organization is unique and we have the flexibility, agility, and expertise to develop tailored solutions for each organization. Powerland representatives, consultants and advisors are passionate about helping organizations realize their goals with industry-leading response time. Powerland’s comprehensive technical resources ensure our customers always have access to cutting edge technology and service. Our experienced and certified client services team brings unique manufacturer and industry expertise.