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Staples Professional Inc.

As a national office solutions provider — the world’s largest — Staples Professional Inc. offers exceptional products and services in every market. From Office Supplies, Toner and Paper to Educational Furniture and Office Furniture, Print and Promotional Marketing Products to Custodial Supplies, Staples has a solution for your organization.

Staples has been a solutions provider for OECM customers since 2009 and understands the value of successful partnerships. Having a comprehensive client base enables Staples to share best practices with all clients across multiple sectors and manage complex business requirements for all commodities, making Staples a one-source solution.

As an added benefit to your partnership with Staples you will have access to Staples Business Perks Portal on eway.ca allowing you to receive discounts from other Staples Partners.

Staples believes that doing right is just as important as doing well and has received many recognitions and awards over the past years. Staples partnerships with Bullfrog Power, Tree Canada and Junior Achievement illustrate Staples dedication to the environment and community.

Please note that Staples.ca and Staples Professional Inc. are two separate companies. OECM’s awarded supplier partner is Staples Professional Inc./Staples Professionnel Inc., formerly known as Corporate Express. Their website address is Eway.ca and Staples Retail is staples.ca. If you are going to Staples.ca you are not purchasing under the OECM Office Supplies agreement.​