132 Walsh Road
Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R3

Carma Corp.

CARMA Corp. Utilities Submetering Systems were approved by Measurement Canada in 1989. CARMA Systems are manufactured by CARMA Corp. in Lindsay, Ontario. All CARMA Systems are provided Factory Direct and are verified accurate for every Building. CARMA Submetering Systems are supplied and serviced by CARMA Branch Offices across Canada.

CARMA Submeters are manufactured and tested based on ISO 9000 and Measurement Canada Standards. CARMA Factory and Field Meter Technicians are trained, tested and accredited individually to Measurement Canada Standards. CARMA Factory and Field Technicians are audited annually by Measurement Canada.

The OECM Proposal submitted by CARMA Corp. is based on CARMA Hardware and Software that has been improved continuously since 1997. In 1998, CARMA outfitted one (1) Ontario School with CARMA Hardware and Software as a Pilot Project. Since that time, over one thousand (1,000) Ontario Schools, Colleges and Universities have installed CARMA Real-Time Utilities Monitoring Systems.

CARMA Products are purchased by our customers for two (2) main reasons, one (1): reliability, and two (2): accuracy. CARMA Software is provided as each Building is added to the System. This avoids large Software Capital Costs.

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