Behind the Scenes at OECM: Meet the Customer Support Team!

Behind every successful customer-centric organization, stands a dedicated Customer Support team that ensures customer interests, needs and feedback are efficiently addressed.

In this issue, we are pleased to introduce OECM’s Customer Support team, who is instrumental in upholding OECM’s high service standards and customer-centricity to deliver an enhanced experience for our customers. Led by Director of Customer Relationship Management, Jim Hadjiyianni, OECM’s Customer Support team is responsible for customer outreach, customer engagement, onboarding new customers to OECM and managing OECM’s one-window Customer Support inbox.

In the second quarter of 2021, the team conducted one-on-one Customer Business Review meetings with a number of institutions and provided personalized information to over 400 Customers outlining their institution’s respective participation with OECM. The team also responded to more than 400 customer inquiries. Some of the top inquired-about agreements include End-User Computing Devices and Services, Software License Products and Related Services and HVAC System Air Filters and HEPA Filtration Units and Related Products.

“As a recent new member to OECM, I want to let you know that the support team led by Shelly Ann Henry has been fantastic to work with. The on-boarding process was seamless, the team was both knowledgeable and responsive in connecting us to marketplace contracts so efficiently.” – Allan Evelyn, VP, Administration & Finance, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Shelly Ann Henry photo

Meet the team:

The team’s Senior Customer Relationship Manager, Shelly Ann Henry, gathers our customer feedback, leads various customer outreach efforts, and manages our dedicated customer support email and telephone number and the Customer Support Team which includes:

Customer Relationship Managers
From left to right: Sarah Chudawala, Customer Relationship Manager; Jason Lee, Customer Relationship Manager; Maxwell Marler, Customer Relationship Manager; Kim Simpson, Customer Relationship Representative; Tahira Beig, Customer Engagement Analyst (not pictured)

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