What We Do


OECM provides opportunities to minimize costs, and generate savings and efficiencies on products and services available through our Marketplace.


OECM offers a wide range of collaboratively-sourced and competitively-priced products and services, provided by over 300 (and growing) supplier partners, as part of our Marketplace.


OECM promises to deliver service that is consistent, accessible and responsive, supporting our customer-centric service delivery model.

What We Stand For

Our Mission

Generate savings by unlocking the potential of collaborative strategic sourcing.

Our Vision

Be the premier customer-driven supply management partner.

Our Values

Collaboration We are committed to working together to achieve common goals.

Responsiveness We deliver on our promises in a timely way.

Integrity We are open, honest, and accountable.

Innovation We pursue creative solutions to foster an exceptional customer experience.

Respect We listen to and value everyone’s ideas and opinions in a fair, open, and attentive way.

Our Timeline

  • Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace is established by the government to encourage collaboration amongst and between the Education Sector.

  • Our Marketplace of products and services becomes available to the Broader Public Sector.

  • 66% of Ontario’s education sector uses our Marketplace.

  • Our Marketplace grows to 50 categories of products and services and 100 supplier partners.

  • OECM becomes self-sustainable and embarks on Vision 2020.

  • OECM establishes a new competency-based Board of Directors.

  • 100% of Ontario’s education sector uses our Marketplace.

    OECM’s Customer Council Committee is established.

  • OECM accumulates $1 billion in collaborative spend.

    Our Marketplace offering continues to expand.

  • OECM accumulates $2 billion in collaborative spend.

    OECM’s Diversity and Inclusion Program is established.

  • OECM engages in new strategic partnerships and is recognized as a leader in collaborative sourcing for Ontario’s Public Sector.

    OECM accumulates $3 billion in collaborative spend.

  • Our Marketplace grows to over 80 agreements.

    Thought leadership emerges as a pivotal area of focus for OECM.

    OECM raises over $22k for charities.

    OECM establishes a Business Development Team to serve a strategic function to identify business opportunities and partnerships within existing and new sectors.


Our Team

OECM is driven by talented individuals with a shared passion for achieving results through teamwork and collaboration. Our people truly are at the root of our success and we proudly support a work culture that is anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive – we embrace the strength that comes from our diversity.

Learn more about OECM’s Organizational Structure.

Office of the President and CEO

John Sabo Photo
John A. Sabo

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • john.sabo@oecm.ca
Tracy Brown profile photo
Tracy Brown

Senior Manager, Office Services and EA to the President and CEO

  • tracy.brown@oecm.ca
Vasilii Popov profile photo
Vasilii Popov

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

  • vasilii.popov@oecm.ca

Supply Management and Customer Relations Team

Karen Owen photo
Karen Owen

Vice President, Supply Management and Customer Relations

  • karen.owen@oecm.ca
Rushelle Mitchell profile photo
Rushelle Mitchell

Executive Assistant

  • rushelle.mitchell@oecm.ca

Business Development Team

Jim Hadjiyianni profile photo
Jim Hadjiyianni

Director, Business Development

  • jim.hadjiyianni@oecm.ca
Patrice Likamshum profile photo
Patrice Likamshum

Senior Manager, Business Development

  • patrice.likamshum@oecm.ca
Francesca Arcadi profile photo
Francesca Arcadi

Business Analyst

  • francesca.arcadi@oecm.ca
Nalayine Balarajan profile photo
Nala Balarajan

Project Manager

  • nala.balarajan@oecm.ca
Luba Medvedeva profile photo
Luba Medvedeva

Business Development Lead

  • luba.medvedeva@oecm.ca
Dan Munshaw profile photo
Dan Munshaw

Business Development Advisor

  • dan.munshaw@oecm.ca

Customer Relationship Management Team

Sonia Gallo profile photo
Sonia Gallo

Director, Communications and Customer Relations

  • sonia.gallo@oecm.ca
Shelly Ann Henry
Shelly Ann Henry

Senior Manager, Customer Relations

  • shellyann.henry@oecm.ca
Kim Humphreys profile photo
Kim Humphreys

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

  • kim.humphreys@oecm.ca
Ali Ahari profile photo
Ali Ahari

Customer Relationship Manager

  • ali.ahari@oecm.ca
Olivia Aita

Marketing and Events Specialist

  • olivia.aita@oecm.ca
Derame Aodesho profile photo
Derame Aodesho

Customer Relationship Manager

  • derame.aodesho@oecm.ca
Andrea Bach profile photo
Andrea Bach

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • andrea.bach@oecm.ca
Bradley Goldstein profile photo
Bradley Goldstein

Manager, Web

  • bradley.goldstein@oecm.ca
Sharon Hayward profile photo
Sharon Hayward

Manager, Corporate Communications

  • sharon.hayward@oecm.ca
Fatima Kazmi photo
Fatima Kazmi

Marketing and Communications Specialist

  • fatima.kazmi@oecm.ca
Ambrose Lee profile photo
Ambrose Lee

Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist

  • ambrose.lee@oecm.ca
Jason Lee profile photo
Jason Lee

Customer Relationship Manager

  • jason.lee@oecm.ca
John See profile photo
John See

Customer Relationship Manager

  • john.see@oecm.ca

Strategic Sourcing Team

Perry Arzumanian profile photo
Perry Arzumanian

Director, Strategic Sourcing

  • perry.arzumanian@oecm.ca
Slavi Nalbantov profile photo
Slavi Nalbantov

Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing

  • slavi.nalbantov@oecm.ca
Shouvik Roy

Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing

  • shouvik.roy@oecm.ca
Deepali Vasisht profile photo
Deepali Vasisht

Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing

  • deepali.vasisht@oecm.ca
Aila You

Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing

  • aila.you@oecm.ca
Giancarlo Consoli profile photo
Giancarlo Consoli

Sourcing Analyst

  • giancarlo.consoli@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Alexandra Dauguet

Sourcing Analyst

  • alexandra.dauguet@oecm.ca
Connie Forrest

Sourcing Manager

  • connie.forrest@oecm.ca
Patti Greer

Sourcing Manager

  • patti.greer@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Jeffrey Hua

Sourcing Analyst

  • jeffrey.hua@oecm.ca
Yashan Jayasingha profile photo
Yashan Jayasingha

Sourcing Analyst

  • yashan.jayasingha@oecm.ca
Mohit Juneja profile photo
Mohit Juneja

Sourcing Manager

  • mohit.juneja@oecm.ca
Judy Kahansky profile photo
Judy Kahansky

Sourcing Manager

  • judy.kahansky@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Preeti Kaushal

Sourcing Analyst

  • preeti.kaushal@oecm.ca
Annie Kwok

Sourcing Analyst

  • annie.kwok@oecm.ca
Gunter Kwok profile photo
Gunter Kwok

Sourcing Manager

  • gunter.kwok@oecm.ca
Ivy Lam profile photo
Ivy Lam

Sourcing Analyst

  • ivy.lam@oecm.ca
Karen Latreille profile photo
Karen Latreille

Sourcing Manager

  • karen.latreille@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Andrea Leon

Sourcing Specialist

  • andrea.leon@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Marc Mohammed

Sourcing Manager

  • marc.mohammed@oecm.ca
Catherine Morton

Sourcing Manager

  • catherine.morton@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Balaji Dhakshina Murthy

Sourcing Specialist

  • balaji.murthy@oecm.ca
Funke Oyegunle profile photo
Funke Oyegunle

Sourcing Analyst

  • funke.oyegunle@oecm.ca
Gabriele Pinaffi profile photo
Gabriele Pinaffi

Sourcing Manager

  • gabriele.pinaffi@oecm.ca
Ali Sayyad profile photo
Ali Sayyad

Sourcing Analyst

  • ali.sayyad@oecm.ca
Ankur Sharma profile photo
Ankur Sharma

Sourcing Analyst

  • ankur.sharma@oecm.ca
Eric Smith profile photo
Eric Smith

Sourcing Manager

  • eric.smith@oecm.ca
Manveer Thandi profile photo
Manveer Thandi

Sourcing Manager

  • manveer.thandi@oecm.ca
Areeba Wassay profile photo
Areeba Wassay

Sourcing Specialist

  • areeba.wassay@oecm.ca

Supplier Relationship Management Team

Khusen Shukurov profile photo
Khusen Shukurov

Director, Supplier Relationship Management

  • khusen.shukurov@oecm.ca
Jay Chan profile photo
Jay Chan

Senior Supplier Relationship Manager

  • jay.chan@oecm.ca
Mie Okawa

Senior Supplier Relationship Manager

  • mie.okawa@oecm.ca
Justin Sin

Senior Supplier Relationship Manager

  • justin.sin@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Oyetope Abioye

Contract Lead

  • oyetope.abioye@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Ayetu Boyo

Contract Lead

  • ayetu.boyo@oecm.ca
Juan Dauz profile photo
Juan Dauz

Contract Analyst

  • juan.dauz@oecm.ca
Neil Dauz profile photo
Neil Dauz

Contract Specialist

  • neil.dauz@oecm.ca
Curtis Diep profile photo
Curtis Diep

Contract Analyst

  • curtis.diep@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Ramia Ejaz

Contract Analyst

  • ramia.ejaz@oecm.ca
Jay Kim profile photo
Jay Kim

Category Manager

  • jay.kim@oecm.ca
Jessica Ko Photo
Jessica Ko

Category Manager

  • jessica.ko@oecm.ca
Dowon Lee profile photo
Dowon Lee

Category Manager

  • dowon.lee@oecm.ca
Matthew Leung Photo
Matthew Leung

Contract Specialist

  • matthew.leung@oecm.ca
Collin Miller profile photo
Collin Miller

Category Manager

  • collin.miller@oecm.ca
Sharon Ng profile photo
Sharon Ng

Contract Analyst

  • sharon.ng@oecm.ca
Nisal Siriwardana profile photo
Nisal Siriwardana

Contract Specialist

  • nisal.siriwardana@oecm.ca
Katelyn Strauss profile photo
Katelyn Strauss

Contract Analyst

  • katelyn.strauss@oecm.ca
Ronald Wai profile photo
Ronald Wai

Category Manager

  • ronald.wai@oecm.ca
Soverna Wilmott photo
Soverna Wilmott

Category Manager

  • soverna.wilmott@oecm.ca

Corporate Services Team

Len Scavuzzo

Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • len.scavuzzo@oecm.ca

Human Resources Team

Janet Clarke profile photo
Janet Clarke

Director, Human Resources

  • janet.clarke@oecm.ca
OECM team profile image
Shimrit Dalgorf

Manager, Human Resources

  • shimrit.dalgorf@oecm.ca

Information Technology Support Team

Ken Voong profile photo
Ken Voong

Director, IT Support Services

  • ken.voong@oecm.ca
David Chan

Senior Systems Analyst

  • david.chan@oecm.ca

Financial Services and Business Intelligence Team

Belinda Yu

Director, Finance and Corporate Services

  • belinda.yu@oecm.ca
Fady Aodesho profile photo
Fady Aodesho

Senior Manager, Finance and Corporate Services

  • fady.aodesho@oecm.ca
Jessie Liu

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

  • jessie.liu@oecm.ca
Ailee Choi profile photo
Ailee Choi

Accounting and Accounts Receivable Specialist

  • ailee.choi@oecm.ca
Claire Lam Photo
Claire Lam

Business Intelligence Analyst

  • claire.lam@oecm.ca
Irene Sudirgo Photo
Irene Sudirgo

Payroll and Accounts Payable Specialist

  • irene.sudirgo@oecm.ca
Steven Sun profile photo
Steven Sun

Manager, Business Intelligence

  • steven.sun@oecm.ca

Board of Directors

OECM is guided by the oversight of a competency-based Board of Directors. The Board of Directors focus on the big picture: the vision of the value that OECM creates and delivers through robust strategy, planning and performance management that guide and support OECM.

Board members also participate in three committees that are responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on policy formulation and fiduciary responsibilities, to help OECM achieve its strategic objectives and facilitate Board decision-making and approval on governance. These include the Audit and Finance CommitteeGovernance and Human Resources Committee and the Customer Council Committee.

Dr. F. Haider Alvi (ICD.D)
Dr. F. Haider Alvi (ICD.D)

Chair of the Board

Lesley Cornelius profile photo
Lesley Cornelius (ICD.D)

Chair of Customer Council Standing Committee

Mike D'Amico profile photo
Mike D’Amico

Chair of Governance and Human Resources Standing Committee

Kathy Pozihun profile photo
Kathy Pozihun

Chair of Technology Steering Committee

Board of Director Janice Ciavaglia Profile Photo
Janice Ciavaglia

Board Member

Eitan Dehtair profile photo
Eitan Dehtiar (ICD.D)

Board Member

Kevin Kobus profile photo
Kevin Kobus

Board Member

Andrew Szende profile photo
Andrew Szende

Board Member

Board of Director Greg Treffry Profile Photo
Greg Treffry (ICD.D)

Board Member

Customer Council Committee

OECM’s Customer Council Committee (CCC) serves as a direct conduit for customer engagement and influence at the Board level. CCC members provide strategic input to OECM regarding our customer-centric strategy, products and services, customer and supplier relationship management, service delivery approach, and more.

Radha Krishnan

College Sector Representative

David Neale

College Sector Representative

Sanjay Puri

College Sector Representative

Kim Watkins

College Sector Representative

Brad Parkes

University Sector Representative

Marny Scully Customer Council Committee Representative Photo
Marny Scully

University Sector Representative

Josh Tonnos

University Sector Representative

Daniel Del Bianco

School Board Sector Representative

Peter Derochie

School Board Sector Representative

Matthew Gerard Customer Council Committee Representative Photo
Matthew Gerard

School Board Sector Representative

Brian McKay Customer Council Committee Representative Photo
Brian McKay

School Board Sector Representative

Suzanne Olimer Customer Council Committee Representative Photo
Suzanne Olimer

Municipal Sector Representative

Sandra Zwiers Customer Council Committee Representative Photo
Sandra Zwiers

Municipal Sector Representative

Annual Reports

Each year, OECM prepares an Annual Report to summarize the previous year’s business, highlighting key financial details, important corporate initiatives, and significant achievements.

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