Customer Council Committee Terms of Reference 

OECM’s Customer Council Committee (CCC) serves as a direct conduit for customer engagement and influence at the Board level. CCC members bring value to OECM by acting as an advisory body to the organization by providing strategic input to OECM regarding our customer-centric strategy, satisfaction and retention, product and service offerings, collaborative sourcing projects, customer and supplier relationship management, service delivery approach, events that promote collaboration amongst and between sectors, and more.



The Customer Council Committee consists of up to 21 members:

a) Up to five (5) Board Directors who are appointed as per OECM’s Board Nomination process as articulated under OECM By-Law #1.

b) to sixteen (16) senior leaders from OECM’s four customer communities and/or executive level organizations within their community:

  • Up to four (4) from the University Sector
  • Up to four (4) from College Sector
  • Up to four (4) from the School Board Sector
  • Up to four (4) from the Municipal or Broader Public Sector/Not for Profit Sectors

Committee Leadership

a) The Chair is a director appointed by the Board as mandated by the Board Nominations Process.

b) Should the Chair not be available for a meeting, the Chair will designate another appointed Board member as meeting Chair.

c) The three Board members also assume responsibility for:

  • Leading the annual review of the Committee Terms of Reference
  • Membership on the Customer Council Committee “Selection Committee” which includes: approving the Selection Committee Terms of Reference; overseeing the process for attracting and selecting senior leaders from OECM’s customer communities to participate on the broader Customer Council Committee; and obtaining Board approval of members.


a) Board Members are appointed as per OECM’s Board Nomination process as articulated under OECM By-Law #1.

b) For each customer community:

  • 50% of members will be appointed for a maximum 3 year term with the possibility of one 2 year extension
  • 50% of members will be appointed for a maximum 4 year term with the possibility of one 2 year extension

c) The Chair, in consultation with the OECM Executive and the representatives for the specific community, will determine the process for filling vacancies.


The Committee reports directly to OECM’s Board of Directors through the Chair of the Committee.

The Committee provides a forum for senior leaders from OECM’s customer communities to provide strategic input, and make recommendations regarding:

a) Committee Terms of Reference

b) OECM’s business priorities and plans and product and services directions, ensuring alignment with customers’ business priorities and plans.

c) OECM’s Customer Engagement Strategy:

  • OECM’s customer relationship and service delivery plans
  • The relevance and effectiveness of OECM’s products and services, as well as advice on collaborative sourcing projects deemed as priority within their sectors
  • New lines of business or services
  • OECM’s business performance, including customer satisfaction and retention strategies and assessment
  • Strategic counsel and endorsement of OECM events which promote collaboration amongst and between sectors

In addition, the Committee will receive input and presentations as necessary from established working or advisory groups and sector or provincial committees or councils.


a) The Committee meets at least four times each year and may choose to hold additional meetings as necessary to carry out its responsibilities

b) The duration of meetings range between two (2) hours to (4) hours

c) Up to five Board Committee Members may meet with the OECM Executive more frequently in order to manage the Committee agendas, receive reports and determine the priorities to present to the Board of Directors

d) Customer council representatives are eligible for reimbursement of a per-diem and out-of-pocket expenses including travel and accommodation, as per the Director Remuneration Policy

e) Quorum will be determined by a simple majority of committee members which must include:

  • 4 out of 5 Board members plus
  • 3 of 4 customer groups 

f) Decisions will be made via a simple majority of attendees.

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