Supplier Partnership

There are numerous benefits to doing business with OECM and clear advantages to becoming a supplier partner. These include:


Expand your market by providing your OECM contracted products and services to Ontario’s education sector and other BPS organizations.


Take advantage of OECM’s collaborative sourcing process and get support in promoting your products and services to the sector. OECM will be your partner in managing contracts with our customers to ensure effective collaboration amongst customers and suppliers.


Showcase your expertise with leading edge and emerging technologies, products, services and practices.


Reduce your costs by responding to fewer sourcing competitions (e.g. one RFP accessed by all of our customers versus multiple individual RFPs).


Showcase your commitment to service excellence by providing a high value customer experience to Ontario’s BPS.

How it Works

Get Started as a Supplier Partner

OECM’s sourcing process is rigorous, open, fair and transparent to ensure compliance with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive and the trade agreements.

OECM posts all RFx on the Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP) Jaggaer with notices of opportunities posted on MERX™ and Biddingo. In order to be considered as an OECM Supplier Partner, you must be a successful proponent resulting from the RFx process. More information on the OECM RFx Process can be found here.

1Submit Your RFx Response
Submit your response to OECM’s RFx through Ontario Tender Portal (OTP) Jaggaer.

For upcoming projects, please monitor MERX™ and Biddingo for supplier consultation requests by OECM. To be considered in the RFP process, all suppliers must submit their proposal before the closing date/time as posted in OTP Jaggaer. At the RFP closing time, OTP will close supplier access to the RFP.
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2Review of your RFx Response
Once the RFx closes, all responses are rigorously reviewed and evaluated to determine which suppliers can provide the best product and service, competitive pricing, customer service and overall value to OECM customers.
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3Sign a Master Agreement
Successful supplier partners are invited to sign a Master Agreement with OECM to facilitate the provision of their products and services to our customers.

Code of Conduct

OECM’s Marketplace of products and services is constantly growing, and so too, are our partnerships with a broad cross-section of supplier partners. To build upon these partnerships, OECM has introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC). Based on OECM’s core values, the SCC has been developed to ensure that all supplier partners adhere to a set standard when conducting business in the OECM Marketplace.

By promoting these standards and applying measures to ensure compliance, OECM demonstrates its intention to partner with suppliers that operate in a manner that is congruent with its core values.

For more information, please contact

Gain Recognition

2022 Supplier Recognition Program

OECM’s Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) is one of the first recognition programs in Ontario’s public sector, and we are proud to introduce this offering to our Supplier Partners.

OECM is pleased to announce our 2022 Supplier Recognition Program (“SRP“) to acknowledge top-performing supplier partners for their exceptional service and overall value to OECM customers.

Overlapping silver, platinum and gold medals that include the OECM logo in the center along with the label that includes the colour and words supplier partner

The SRP aims to drive long-term performance improvements by recognizing and motivating supplier partners to deliver continued savings, value, choice, and service to our customers.

The SRP in 2021 was a step in strengthening OECM’s relationships with supplier partners and driving greater performance. Building on the success of the 2021 Supplier Recognition Program, OECM will objectively evaluate supplier partner performance through the 2022 SRP using an open, fair, and transparent framework.

SRP Guidebook

Participating supplier partners will be provided a Supplier Recognition Program Guidebook* featuring a detailed overview of the 2022 SRP, including a breakdown of the scoring methodology, framework for supplier partner evaluation, recognition categories and accompanying benefits. Performance, savings, value, and customer satisfaction are among the factors weighted to score each supplier partner. Based on resulting cumulative scores, OECM will recognize supplier partners in one of three categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The 2022 SRP results will be published in April 2023.

Should you have any questions about the 2022 SRP, please contact your designated Supplier Relationship Management team. Thank you in advance for your support and ongoing commitment to OECM customers. We look forward to continuing to build upon our partnerships!

*Note, some criteria may need to be altered based on agreement category and/or the award period. Specific details will be provided to each supplier.

2022 SRP Tip Sheet

As a participating supplier partner in OECM’s 2022 SRP, your goal is to excel in the key areas of focus for evaluation. These five areas, as applicable to the Agreement’s category you are awarded in, are Supplier Partner Performance, Generated Savings and Value, Proposal Submission, and Agreement Performance.

To help you on this journey, here are some general tips for participating in the 2022 SRP and improving performance.

General Tips

  1. Easy ways to earn full marks
    1. Submit reports on time!
      Keep track of critical dates and ensure that you submit your documents on time. Failure to submit your documents by the designated due date will impact your SRP ranking for 2022. Please refer to the reporting requirements within your Master Agreement for more information.
    2. What do I need to submit?
      Spend Reports, KPI Reports, CRF Payments, Second Stage requests, and Fully Executed CSA’s (within 30 days of execution).*To see when your respective reports are due, please refer to your Master Agreement*
  2. Read the Guidebook!
    The guidebook is a “one-stop-shop” to understanding OECM’s 2022 Supplier Recognition Program, how it works, and how you can get involved as well.

    1. How can I get the guidebook?
      Your supplier relationship management team will provide you with a copy of the guidebook. If you do not have a copy, please reach out to your designated Supplier Relationship Manager to obtain a copy.
  3. Talk to the OECM team! Do you have a question about the SRP Program? Do you have a question about your current performance? At OECM, we want our supplier partners to be doing the best they can. Should you ever need assistance with your current Supplier Recognition Program performance, feel free to reach out to your respective OECM representative, and we will be happy to assist.

Tips Specific to Evaluation Criteria Used for 2022 SRP Evaluation

All evaluation criteria can be found in the Supplier Recognition Program guidebook provided by OECM. Please note, the evaluation criteria may have been customized depending on the agreement category. However, all suppliers awarded within the same agreement category will be assessed using the same criteria. Here are some valuable tips within each evaluation criteria that can help improve your Supplier Recognition rank and strengthen your relationships with customers!

  1. KPIs – Customer-Centric Metrics
    1. Be sure to monitor and improve upon your customer-centric KPIs continuously
    2. Let OECM know of extenuating circumstances that may impact your KPIs – e.g., if your fill rate was affected by COVID-19.
  2. KPIs – OECM Metrics
    1. Ensure reports, fully executed Customer-Supplier Agreements (CSA’s), and CRF payments are provided on time – refer to the reporting requirements section of your Master Agreement for more information regarding your reporting due dates.
    2. Let OECM know of extenuating circumstances that may impact your KPIs
  3. Customer Collaboration Efforts (Customer-Supplier Agreement “CSA” Utilization)
    1. Actively engage with all your Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA) holders
    2. You could run a promotion or a special offer to new CSA holders to encourage their first spend
    3. You can provide OECM with educational marketing material that can be distributed to CSA holders or promoted on our OECM website (webinars, white pages, testimonials, etc.)
  4. Customer Impact of Price Refresh
    1. Attempt to minimize the impact that your price refresh will have on customers – avoid significant price increases to high usage products
    2. Offer alternative products at lowered rates within the scope of the Agreement.
    3. Attempt to keep your price refresh in line with or below the change in industries trends (e.g., CPI)
    4. Keeping prices firm or reducing prices will allow you to receive total points for this evaluation criteria
    5. Let OECM know of any extenuating circumstances out of your control that may cause prices to increase and be sure to provide supporting documentation from manufacturers – e.g., tariffs on raw materials such as steel, copper, and lumber
  5. Customer Savings
    1. Report Customer Savings in monthly spend reports
    2. Work with your OECM representative to ensure that maximum savings are being captured
    3. Make savings clear and easy to capture
  6. Agreement Growth Efforts
    1. Provide OECM with educational marketing material to share with customers
    2. Host educational webinars
    3. Engage with potential customers (i.e., ask your OECM representative for an updated customer list)
    4. Participate in trade shows and related events
    5. Take advantage of product refreshes and add new products (within the scope of your agreement) to your price list to expand your product/service offerings.
    6. Transfer of products from non-core -> core where applicable.
    7. Monitor and look for opportunities to take advantage of any related industry funding (e.g., CVRIS and Safe Return to School program)
  7. Customer Feedback
    1. Provide customers with the OECM provided survey link for them to share their feedback.
    2. Engage with customers so all needs are met via your product/service offerings.
    3. Monitor and look for opportunities to truly exceed the customer’s expectations.

2021 Supplier Recognition Program

OECM Announces the 2021 Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) Results

Click here to view the list of 2021 SRP award recipients. Congratulations to all participating supplier partners and recipients!

Search Suppliers

As OECM’s Marketplace of products and services grows so does our list of supplier partners.

Supplier Outreach Opportunities

Last Updated: May 31, 2022

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our supplier partners and promote the OECM Marketplace, we have outlined a calendar of events where we may be in attendance. These events provide great opportunities for jointly coordinated marketing activities. If there are any relevant sector events that you are planning to participate in or attend this year, please contact to let us know.

2022 Conference & Outreach Opportunities

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