Supplier Recognition Program


What are the evaluation criteria for the program?

The generic evaluation criteria can be found in the Supplier Recognition Guidebook. Each evaluation criterion will have its own measurement... Read more

How will OECM collect the data from customers on supplier partner performance?

OECM will provide suppliers a survey link to be shared with customers at least once a year on active customers... Read more

How were supplier partners engaged in establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?

OECM conducts supplier partner consultations, and in the planning stage of each RFP, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are discussed together... Read more

Does Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) evaluation depend on spend?

Agreement growth efforts that compare the current evaluation period spend against previous evaluation period spend is one of the program’s... Read more

How are customer savings being measured?

OECM will establish a savings methodology for each agreement category. However, please note that savings methodologies and their measurements will... Read more

Would OECM conduct a survey with customers to obtain ratings for customer feedback evaluation criterion?

Yes, surveys (Net Promoter Score, NPS) are a customer feedback mechanism that OECM will use to evaluate customer feedback evaluation... Read more

How will supplier partners with no activity (i.e., no CSA and no spend) be evaluated for the program?

Supplier partners with no CSA and no spend by the end of the Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) evaluation period (December... Read more


Where can supplier partners access the guidebook?

A copy of the Supplier Recognition Guidebook will be emailed to you by your Supplier Relationship Management team. If you... Read more

Would there be any category-wise support or guidebook of success factors?

OECM’s Supplier Relationship Management team will be happy to answer all supplier partner questions and provide support... Read more


Who should supplier partners contact to participate in the program?

Any supplier partner with an agreement awarded after June 1, 2019 is automatically enrolled in the program. For any other... Read more

What are the eligibility criteria for a supplier to enroll in the Supplier Recognition Program (SRP)?

Supplier partners whose agreements are valid in the SRP evaluation period are eligible to participate in each year’s SRP. For... Read more

Do supplier partners need to provide their consent to participate in the program every year?

For supplier partners with agreements awarded prior to June 2019, OECM must obtain consent from them every year as participation... Read more

If an agreement gets extended, does a supplier partner need to opt-in to the program if consent to participate was provided before an extension?

Regardless of the extension period, supplier partners with agreements awarded prior to June 2019 will need to provide their consent... Read more


How will customers know the actual scores of supplier partners?

The numeric value of supplier partner scores will not be disclosed to customers. However, the rankings (i.e., Platinum, Gold, Silver... Read more

Can supplier partners put their awarded Recognition Level on their marketing material?

Yes, supplier partners can use their awarded Recognition Level on their marketing material but are requested to work with OECM... Read more

How will OECM support supplier partners who have a score below 70?

OECM will meet with supplier partners who score below 70 and work to build a performance improvement plan that increases... Read more

How long would the recognition level last for?

The 2023 Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) recognition levels will be valid until March 31, 2025... Read more

Will current recognition level from the 2021 program still be valid or promoted throughout 2022?

Yes, recognition levels from the 2021 Supplier Recognition Program (SRP) will be available on our website until the 2022 SRP... Read more

Will OECM share Net Promoter Score (NPS) with supplier partners?

Yes, OECM will share NPS and qualitative responses received from customers and suppliers with our supplier partners. However, OECM will... Read more

On the OECM website, should customers prefer supplier partners with recognition levels over supplier partners without recognition levels?

Customers should not prefer supplier partners with recognition levels over supplier partners without recognition levels. The Supplier Recognition Program (SRP... Read more

How does recognition level equate to incentives being provided to supplier partners with recognition?

Depending on recognition level, awarded supplier partners will be referenced on OECM Marketplace, be mentioned in OECM marketing materials, and... Read more

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