Trade Agreements

Bid Dispute

How does OECM align to the bid dispute resolution stages per the Ontario government’s Bid Dispute Resolution Guide for Public Sector Organizations?

There are two important bid dispute resolution stages outlined in the Province’s Bid Dispute Resolution Guide; Stage 1 Consultations and Stage... Read more

Buying Group

Is OECM considered a Buying Group?

The Trade Agreements and the BPS Procurement Directive recognize collaborative procurements as a coordinated event that facilitates purchasing on behalf... Read more


What steps has OECM taken to ensure compliance with the CFTA and CETA?

OECM conducts open, fair, transparent, and competitive procurements and OECM has taken the following steps under the guidance of legal... Read more


How does OECM satisfy the requirements for a debrief session for unsuccessful bidders?

All bidders who participate in a procurement opportunity are offered a debriefing by OECM. Once the award announcement has been... Read more

Negotiations and Posting Awards

Does OECM use negotiations as part of their evaluation process?

Yes, OECM primarily uses a non-binding procurement process for our sourcing projects. As such, part of the evaluation process may... Read more

Does OECM publish award notifications?

Yes, OECM’s standard practice is to publish an award notification on the electronic tendering system where the RFX was posted... Read more


Is there anything else OECM can do to provide clarity to the trade agreement requirements related to buying group?

Yes, OECM is in discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Supply Ontario to adopt a consistent... Read more

Posting Procurement Opportunities

What information does OECM include in its notice of procurement to comply with the trade agreements?

OECM ensures compliance with trade agreements by including the following information in its notice of procurement: Contact information Description of... Read more

How long does OECM post their RFX opportunities for?

OECM posts RFX opportunities for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days on a public electronic tendering platform. Under CFTA... Read more


How will OECM assist its client members to meet the new reporting requirements?

The specific details of the reporting requirements and the manner in which data will be provided are still being worked... Read more

Second Stage Selection

What is OECM’s second stage selection process?

OECM issues an RFX document based on the requirements identified by client members and may award agreements to multiple suppliers... Read more

Tender Notices

How does OECM post tender notices?

OECM uses the Ontario Tenders Portal (“OTP”) to post its RFX documents. Additionally, a tender notice is posted on MERX™... Read more

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