Is OECM considered a Buying Group?

The Trade Agreements and the BPS Procurement Directive recognize collaborative procurements as a coordinated event that facilitates purchasing on behalf of multiple organizations. Based on the BPS Procurement Directive Implementation Guidebook, collaborative procurement may be facilitated by, but not limited to, Buying Groups, Group Purchasing Organizations (“GPO”) and Shared Service Organizations (“SSO”).

OECM is an independent, non-profit, collaborative sourcing organization that leverages the collective purchasing power of its client members. The OECM structure is substantially a hybrid between a SSO and a GPO structure.

While OECM does not require upfront commitment for RFXs, OECM does ensure that:

  • All RFX projects are conducted in an open, fair, transparent, and competitive manner and meet Trade Agreement and BPS Procurement Directive requirements.
  • All eligible client members are listed in the solicitation document. Client members that have contributed to the development to the document are named in the RFX, provided they are in agreement to be named.
  • Historical volumes are included in retenders.
  • The use of a second stage selection process is referenced in the RFX and in resulting agreement(s).

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