What is OECM’s second stage selection process?

OECM issues an RFX document based on the requirements identified by client members and may award agreements to multiple suppliers. OECM signs a Master Agreement (“MA”) with successful suppliers, and OECM client members can sign a Client-Supplier Agreement (“CSA”) with the supplier(s) and obtain products and/or services on the terms, conditions, and (maximum) rates set out in the MA.

Second stage selection processes are identified in the RFX document(s).

As a best practice it is strongly recommended that the client member use the second stage selection process (i.e. called a Quick Quote (“QQ”) process at OECM) in accordance with their internal policies, procurement processes, procedures and potential dollar value of their purchase to obtain a quote for their specific requirements.

OECM can facilitate this process by assisting in development of the QQ document with your specific requirements and managing the receipt and compilation of supplier quotes for evaluation.

To provide additional support to the second stage selection process OECM is currently developing a user guide and templates to assist and streamline the process.

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