What is the role of OECM’s Customer Council Committee?

OECM’s Customer Council Committee (CCC) was established in 2017 to provide strategic input to OECM, regarding our customer-centric services, products and services, service delivery strategy, customer and supplier relationship management, and more.

The Customer Council Committee consists of up to 21 members:

  • Up to five (5) Board Directors who are appointed as per OECM’s Board Nomination process as articulated under OECM By-Law #1.
  • Up to sixteen (16) senior leaders from OECM’s four customer communities and/or executive level organizations within their community:
    • Up to four (4) from the University Sector
    • Up to four (4) from College Sector
    • Up to four (4) from the School Board Sector
    • Up to four (4) from the Municipal or Broader Public Sector/Not for Profit Sectors

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