Introducing the OECM Municipal Marketplace

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Welcome to the first issue of the OECM Municipal Marketplace – a “new” quarterly newsletter created specifically for OECM’s municipal sector customers and partners. Over the last few years, OECM has experienced significant and consistent growth in the municipal and broader public service sectors, along with a deepening interest in OECM’s role as a trusted procurement partner. There are currently over 250 municipalities in Ontario that utilize the OECM Marketplace for collaborative procurement of products and services, ranging from office supplies and furniture to several IT solutions and services.

To demonstrate the value of collaboration and partnerships, each issue will feature a behind-the-scenes snapshot of municipal sector-related achievements and our common goals for collaborative procurement. We’ll also be featuring Municipal Customer Spotlights in future issues, highlighting the great work we’ve done with some of our top customers in this sector. We hope that this initiative serves as a catalyst to strengthen OECM’s ties with the municipal sector and allows for great engagement and the building of connections with you, our customers.

Despite the challenges faced in 2020, OECM has excelled as a trusted advisor and partner for our municipal customers, increasing collaborative spend within this sector year-over-year. We are excited to launch this new communication, to share news about our mutual successes and OECM’s plans for the future, including how we will continue to support you and your organizations as we move towards a ‘new normal’ in a post-pandemic world. I invite you to share your feedback with us throughout this journey to ensure that we are providing you with timely news and valuable information.


John A. Sabo B.Math; M.Ed; M.FAc; CPA,CA; C.Dir; A.C.C.
President & Chief Executive Officer

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