Inside the Doors of OECM: Meet our Supplier Relationship Management Group!

July 6, 2021

OECM’s supplier partners play a fundamental role in ensuring our customers’ needs are met with consistent and exceptional service. To support our mission of delivering value, savings, choice, and service to our customers, OECM works to ensure that we have strong partnerships and relationships with our supplier partners. This is where our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Group shines!

“Working collaboratively with our supplier partners, OECM has built a comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management program to effectively manage performance of 350+ suppliers, drive innovation and deliver continuous improvement.” – Pooja Nagra, Director, Supplier Relationship Management

Together with Pooja, OECM’s three Senior Supplier Relationship Managers, Jay Chan, Mie Okawa and Agnes Tijet lead a team of 17 staff – including, Category Managers, Contract Specialists and Contract Analysts – who work together to oversee and support a variety of supplier partners on over 80 categories, effectively serving as a bridge between them, our customers, and the rest of OECM.

From left to right: Pooja Nagra, Jay Chan, Mie Okawa, Agnes Tijet

From left to right: Pooja Nagra, Director, Supplier Relationship Management; Senior Supplier Relationship Managers: Jay Chan, Mie Okawa, and Agnes Tijet

OECM’s SRM team is a direct channel of communication to and from our awarded supplier partners – managing supplier performance, negotiating price increase requests to ensure minimal impact to our valued customers, issuing amendments to existing agreements, updating language as required, promoting supplier events and exclusive offers, and collaborating with suppliers to convey vital information to our customers.

SRM Management Cycle, Promoting Agreements, Re-tender, Agreement Close Out, Supplier Orientation Meetings, Customer-Supplier Agreement, Supplier Reports Review, Business Review Meetings, Facilitation of Second Stage Requests, Price Refresh, Product Refresh, Agreement Amendment, Agreement Extension

OECM’s Contract and Supplier Relationship Management Cycle

Over the past few months, the team has proudly supported and launched OECM’s 2021 Supplier Recognition Program, a first in the public sector.

Click here to meet members of our SRM Group.

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