OECM’s Technology Transformation Project: OSCAR

July 6, 2021

With a focus on improving and enhancing OECM’s core business and meeting the needs of our customers and supplier partners in 2021 and beyond, OECM began work on a transition towards the use of a new customer and supplier relationship management (CRM/SRM) solution leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 (also known as OSCAR – the OECM Supplier and Customer Account Repository).

In 2020, OECM implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 into our day-to-day processes. The objective being to enable OECM to make better decisions and improve business outcomes using customer and supplier data-driven insights and recommendations. This approach will facilitate OECM to continue building customer relationships by creating more meaningful engagement with a comprehensive customer view, and allowing OECM staff to operate more efficiently by automating everyday tasks. The MS Dynamics 365 solution provides much needed data capture and functionality and provides intelligence and insight into OECM’s customers and supplier partners. This information will facilitate a proactive approach to OECM’s exceptional delivery offering of Savings, Choice and Service. Just one more way we are working to be more efficient in our processes to the benefit of our customers and supplier partners!

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