2330 Stevenage Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3W3

Covertite Eastern Ltd.

Covertite Eastern Ltd. (Covertite) is a large ICI roofing, waterproofing, and cladding contractor that has operated in Ontario, Québec and Saskatchewan for over 70 years.  Our firm has extensive experience in all types of roofing, waterproofing, and architectural cladding. Covertite has worked on various types of high-profile projects over the years, including government buildings, infrastructure projects, and commercial buildings. Covertite also has extensive experience working with various school boards. Covertite strives to create a harmonious work site environment by ensuring excellent communications, organization skills and collaboration with other trades and general contractors.

Covertite has the capacity both administratively and in work force to execute between 25-40 projects simultaneously depending on their size and technicality.  Covertite has offices in Ottawa, Gatineau, Kingston and Saskatoon.  Covertite’s range of work goes beyond the boundaries of these cities, doing several out-of-town projects annually, reaching anywhere across Canada, including completing jobs from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

Covertite has done thousands of buildings with projects ranging from simple repairs to eight hundred thousand square feet. Our conservative approach to building envelope leaves the owner with no surprises.  We will not gamble to the detriment of the owner and this fact likely accounts for the millions of square feet of successful building envelopes we have applied across Canada.

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