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Since 2008, XpressLab has allowed Ontario teachers to search for and create interactive activities that target Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing competencies. Utilizing our easy to use, web-based interface, teachers can easily create assignments or tests that include the following:

  • Premium K-12 French content that contain over 650 high quality ready-to-assign lessons that meet curriculum expectations.
  • Real-time audio recording of student responses for practicing, discussions or submitted tests. Teachers can configure recording prompts to give prep time, set recording lengths, and provide sample audio answers.
  • Naming style tasks that utilize Speech Recognition to instantly evaluate spoken responses from students after being presented with a stimulus such as an image, video, audio or text passage and their task is to name the item or read the passage on the screen.
  • Listening questions that play an audio clip, then ask the student to answer questions about the clip.
  • Matching style questions that require students to match items to audio clips, images or phrases.
  • Interactive drawing activities that require students to listen to an audio clip or watch a video, then draw a picture to submit for marking.
  • Multiple choice questions that require the student to read or listen for the correct answer

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