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Sprig Learning Inc.

Sprig Learning is a purpose-built company providing early learners, educators and parents with access to the tools needed to build a foundation for lifelong learning with content that is culturally relevant, teacher developed, and curriculum aligned. Our early learning programs are essential for marginalized students and beneficial for all.

Sprig Math is an early learning program that supports students in Kindergarten and Grade 1, to develop a deeper understanding of early math skills and build a strong foundation for future learning. Sprig Math helps all early learners develop a positive identity as a mathematics learner by supporting them to make critical decisions based on mathematically sound principles (Ontario Curriculum Mathematics, 2020), and has been deployed in Canadian classrooms for two years.

Sprig Math uniquely leverages holistic assessment and A.I. to provide targeted learning activities – at home and in school – engaging parents along the way. Sprig Math builds the awareness and proficiencies among students (and teachers) in the underlying, interconnected processes that drive effective learning in mathematics.

We are Canadian owned and operated, build programs that are secure by design, and believe in providing support to early learners who may need it most.

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