1 Eglinton Avenue E., Suite 705
Toronto, Ontario M4P 3A1

Tundra Technical Solutions Inc.

Actively seeking new resources and opportunities is essential for one’s ability to evolve, survive and ultimately thrive in today’s modern business landscape. Driven by expert knowledge and a hunger to lead, Tundra’s ability to strategically gather and share that bounty allows for unparalleled rewards to their clients.

Go Beyond with Tundra

Tundra is a global provider of innovative staffing solutions and is partnering with OECM to further support public sector clients across the region of Ontario. Since opening our doors in 2004, Tundra has gained extensive experience supporting federal, provincial, municipal and broader public sector clients in addition to the private sphere. Today Tundra operates offices across North America, Europe and Asia and is actively working with the top contract and full-time talent across the globe.

Get Great People, Not Just More People

Tundra’s vision is “To become the number one representative of choice for top talent across the globe”. Tundra understands that simply ‘finding people’ is not enough, our clients require the ‘right people’ at the ‘right time’ and for the ‘right role’. It is Tundra’s ability to attract, engage and maintain relationships with the most talented resources that fuels this success.

If you are looking for a recruiting partner who will challenge conventional recruitment practices, ideas, processes and tools in our search for the very best Talent please contact us.

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