Educational Tour: OECM at Arntjen Solar North America

August 9, 2019

At OECM we believe that communication and building relationships are the cornerstones of effective supplier relationships. Visiting our suppliers and learning about their processes is a crucial step in developing our partnerships and increasing our awareness and knowledge of the products and services delivered by our supplier partners.

On Friday, August 9th, OECM employees attended an educational tour hosted by our supplier partner, Arntjen Solar North America, in Woodstock, Ontario, to gain insight into the world of Solar Technologies.

At the tour, OECM staff learned about:

  • how solar panels work and the impact on energy consumption/efficiencies in the community
  • how solar energy will integrate with new housing construction in the future

“The best kilowatt hour is a kilowatt you don’t use,” explained Rolf Mauer, PMP, Peng, VP Americas, Arntjen. (And eventually), “solar will be the lowest way of generating electricity with the lowest maintenance.”

Special thanks to our supplier, Arntjen Solar North America, under the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Related Services agreement, for the tour opportunity.

Educational Tour with Arntjen Solar, OECM Solar Panel Farm Participants

Educational Tour with Arntjen Solar, First Residence

Educational Tour with Arntjen Solar, First Residence Visit

Educational Tour with Arntjen Solar, Hospital Electric Vehicle Parking

Educational Tour with Arntjen Solar, Woodstock General Hospital Presentation: Road to Sustainability

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