Exploring New Markets: Child Development and Rehabilitation Sector

March 1, 2021

In September 2020, OECM was approached by Empowered Kids Ontario (EKO) to provide procurement advice and expertise regarding the acquisition and implementation of a Client Information System to support multiple system partners across the 50 organizations that comprise the child development and rehabilitation sector.

“This opportunity has multiple benefits as it allows OECM to not only introduce the 75+ agreements OECM has available to a new market segment, but also demonstrates our procurement expertise,” says Karen Owen, OECM’s Vice President, Supply Management and Customer Relations. “It also represents the first unique opportunity for OECM to facilitate end-to-end procurement for an organization, as well as to expand our Business Development role, while aligning with OECM’s strategic plan to expand customer participation.”

To kick off this project, in Fall of 2020, OECM met with EKO and 16 of the system partners to discuss their approach, value proposition and high-level plan to support this work. A Project Advisory Committee will be established to form a representative group on behalf of the system, with OECM leading the procurement process, including the planning, procurement, and execution, on behalf of the organizations. OECM will also offer innovative ideas to engage the market and consult with the supplier community in a fair and transparent manner and to better assess the associated risks before going out to market.

This work is scheduled to commence in early 2021 and will be led by OECM’s Strategic Sourcing Group. Look for an additional update on this project in the Spring edition of the OECM Connection.

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