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June 1, 2020

The OECM team is preparing for a busy summer ahead with multiple Sourcing Projects currently underway with projected award dates and launches scheduled in June, July and August.

There are currently over 20 sourcing projects in the pipeline for 2020, including highly-anticipated new categories such as Cashless Transaction Management System and Related Services and Audio-Visual Captioning and Transcription Services, re-tendered categories such as Apparel, Uniform, Safety Footwear and Related Services and Credit and Debit Card Processing Devices and Services, and much more.

As well, we have added new sourcing projects related to Digital Learning Tools, and are working in collaboration with Ontario’s Ministry of Education (MEDU) to ensure that these projects meet the current needs and priorities of the education sector, particularly as term-ending ministry-licensed digital resources reach the end of their functional lifecycle.

OECM is pleased to highlight the following agreements, with anticipated launches as follows:

OECM Sourcing Projects: June 2020

  • Apparel, Uniforms, Safety Footwear and Related Services (RE-TENDER)
  • Cashless Transaction Management System and Related Services (NEW)
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing Devices and Services (RE-TENDER)
  • Networking Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Related Services (RE-TENDER)

OECM Sourcing Projects: Summer 2020

  • Audio Video Captioning and Transcription Services (NEW)
  • Digital Learning Tools (Project with MEDU): Career and Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) Tools (NEW)
  • Digital Learning Tools (Project with MEDU): Literacy and Research Tools (NEW)
  • IT Software Platform and Related Services (for ITSM and ESM) (NEW)
  • Marketing and Promotional Products (RE-TENDER)
  • Printing Products and Related Services (RE-TENDER)
  • Toner Cartridges and Related Services (RE-TENDER)

Sourcing Projects Coming Soon

For a complete list of upcoming projects, with descriptions, anticipated award dates, and details on how to get involved as a Project Advisory Committee member, please click below.

Posting June 2nd! Request for Tenders: Reusable and Disposable Masks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a high demand for protective face masks from OECM customers, OECM has posted a Request for Tenders (RFT) for Non-Medical Grade Reusable and Disposable Dust Masks. This RFT is for masks that are not intended to be used by health care workers who are in contact with patients and/or for medical/surgical purposes. The RFT closes on June 19th at 2:00 PM EST with an anticipated award in July 2020.

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