OECM Ready to Implement ESG Strategy

February 28, 2024

Ongoing efforts to solidify OECM’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and implementation roadmap continue to take priority as we enhance our corporate practices and deliver value to our customers and stakeholders. In December, we shared an update on our work in completing Phase 2 of the implementation strategy, which included establishing a framework to support the integration of material ESG factors into OECM’s governance, risk management, critical metrics and targets, reporting, and disclosure. Findings gathered during Phase 2 assisted in the design and development of an implementation roadmap for 2024.

OECM has entered Phase 3 and is ready to implement the recommendations provided within the ESG Strategy and Implementation Roadmap, setting us up for success in 2024 and beyond. Following the successful completion of Phase 2 of this project, we will schedule annual ESG-related education sessions for our Board, Customer Council Committee, Procurement Advisory Committees, Supplier Partner Council, and staff members to facilitate a greater understanding of the risks and opportunities that ESG presents for OECM. In addition, we will be incorporating ESG-related issues and topics in employee surveys to gauge employee perspectives on OECM’s ESG strategy development.

In the next quarter, we anticipate continued progress in our implementation journey as we incorporate tangible ESG considerations across key aspects of our business, ensuring that OECM continues to monitor and report on matters related to our strategy and suggested recommendations. We are excited about the advancement made so far and remain dedicated to delivering on our ESG commitments with transparency and accountability.

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