OECM’s ESG Strategy Development Project Entering the Implementation Stage

December 8, 2023

Work on OECM’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy continues to take precedence as we continually improve our processes and redefine value for our customers and other end-users. In May, we shared an update on our progress on Phase 2 of OECM’s ESG strategy and presented a roadmap detailing the approach and process from development to implementation. The factors identified in the ESG Materiality Assessment Report from Phase 1 of this initiative have been integral in developing and formulating an ESG strategy for OECM through Phase 2.

As part of our work on Phase 2, we have successfully established a strategic framework, performed a gap analysis on our governance practices, identified crucial metrics and proposed targets, and strategized ways to integrate ESG into our work.

The next steps include developing and validating reporting recommendations from findings gathered during Phase 2, after which OECM will engage consultants to design an implementation roadmap for 2024.

While we work toward the implementation of a formal strategy for our organization, we prioritize ESG practices through initiatives like partnering with organizations dedicated to sustainability, engaging in community fundraising, supporting social and Indigenous enterprises, and collaborating with supplier partners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why is this important? As a leading sourcing partner for the public sector, our choices are impactful, and even the smallest positive change can have a long-lasting effect. Stay tuned for periodic updates as we endeavour to keep you well-informed on this important initiative.

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