Spotlighting OECM: The SRM Team Spearhead Noteworthy Supplier Initiatives

November 27, 2023

OECM’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team is dedicated to elevating business practices by integrating supplier governance as a vital component in providing value-based procurements. While conventional supplier governance focuses on contract management, supplier performance, and dispute resolution, OECM places substantial emphasis on cultivating and maintaining positive collaborative partnerships with our supplier partners.

Earlier this year, the SRM team, led by Director Khusen Shukurov, performed a thorough review of existing operational processes to help identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, the team was restructured to utilize existing resources more effectively and leverage untapped potential within the group for strategic initiatives. The SRM team consists of 23 staff members and is structured across three portfolios: Facilities and Operations, Information Technology, and Education and Business Systems, each organized into three streams: Category Management, Contract Management, and Data Analytics.

The SRM team has prioritized three major projects: the Supplier Recognition Program (SRP), the Supplier Working Group (SWG), and the Supplier Success Program (SSP).

Supplier Recognition Program (SRP)

The SRP evaluates and recognizes supplier partners based on their performance, customer satisfaction, and generated savings. In the upcoming 2023 program, special nomination awards will acknowledge supplier partners committed to driving positive change with respect to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, culminating in a special SRP Award Ceremony in Spring 2024.

Supplier Working Group (SWG)

The SWG facilitates dialogue with supplier partners that provide insights to OECM to inform the development of strategies and enhance the joint value proposition for customers. Building on this success, OECM will transition to a Supplier Partner Advisory Committee (SPAC) in 2024, further encouraging meaningful collaboration with awarded supplier partners.

Supplier Success Program (SSP)

The SSP was introduced in 2023 with the goal of working closely with supplier partners to develop their growth strategies, marketing and promotional activities, and innovative ways to share industry knowledge with our customer community.

“SRM’s current focus is on transitioning from tactical to strategic and reactive to proactive. Our recent projects are directed at improving internal processes, efficiently using technology to automate processes, fostering a working climate that values sustainability, and collaborating with our supplier partners to ensure they have adequate support and guidance to provide outstanding customer service,” notes Khusen Shukurov. In a recently published article in the Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA) Caveat Emptor E-News, Shukurov elaborates further on supplier governance and its impact on public procurement. 

Following a robust and productive year, the SRM team looks forward to maintaining the momentum to become increasingly strategic and proactive by introducing innovative changes to the SRP, advancing the SWG to the next level, incorporating ESG practices in their work, and strengthening ties with the supplier community.

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