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3010 Montée St-François
Laval, Quebec H7C 0K7

AMB Modular

  • AMB is a family business engaged in the modular building market, offering quality modular rental and sales solutions primarily to the institutional sector. AMB delivers and installs in Quebec and in the Maritimes and has recently expanded its footprint to all of Ontario.
  • The company’s proven modular structure rental business model caters well to their targeted end market. With over 2000 modules rented, AMB is the market leader in the Quebec modular market.
  • AMB also sells new or used modular units and focus on projects where it must deliver turn-key projects, from the civil works to the installation and supply of the accessories.
  • Every year, AMB installs hundreds of modules and always deliver on time.
  • Most of their company’s assets are leased to public entities requiring a request for proposal (“RFP”) process to secure a contract. AMB’s deep understanding of this process contributes to the Company’s market-leading position.
  • AMB’s holistic approach to pricing results in a strong customer satisfaction.
  • AMB’s customizable products are considered the industry standard in Quebec and Nova Scotia when it comes to modular classrooms and complexes.
  • AMB does not manufacture majority of the modules they install, but rather relies on industry-leading suppliers to meet its demand. This allows AMB to concentrate mostly on the execution of their business model, which is based on consistently and effectively redeploying their rental fleet as well as installing modular units everywhere they can.

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