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Arcadis Canada Inc.

Arcadis is the leading global company providing consulting, design, engineering and management services in water, infrastructure, environment, and buildings. The firm develops, designs, implements, maintains, and operates projects for private companies and government entities. They work in partnership with their clients to enhance mobility, sustainability, and quality of life by creating balance in the built and natural environments. Arcadis’ most defining characteristics are a staff of talented and passionate people, a unique combination of capabilities covering the whole asset life cycle, deep market sector insights that work to their clients’ advantage, and a commitment to integrate health and safety and sustainability into the design and delivery of customized solutions. Globally, they are over 36,000 people, with projects in over 70 countries that generate $4.25 billion (US) in revenues.

Arcadis and its predecessor companies have been active in Canada for more than 40 years and formally established Arcadis Canada, Inc., in 2005. Arcadis Canada now has more than 1000 staff in 29 office locations across the country, ranging from their Arcadis technical personnel that perform routine field work to some of best technical and regulatory experts.

Today, the combined experience of the Arcadis Canada team includes successful completion of more than 20,000 local and worldwide projects spanning the full breadth of services. Their primary focus is on environmental solutions in the areas of Site Evaluation and Restoration, Environmental Construction Services, Environmental Planning and Permitting, and Strategic Environmental Consulting. Arcadis Canada also provides engineering and construction services in water supply and wastewater treatment, and project and program management in civil construction. Their environmental services include phased Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Remediation and Construction Management, Risk and Radioactivity Services, Air Quality and Noise Assessments, Environmental Effects Monitoring, Hazardous Materials Investigation and Abatement, Deactivation/Decommissioning/Decontamination and Demolition, Solid Waste Management, and Environmental Impact Assessments. work with Canadian Arcadis Canada (or its predecessor companies) has carried out more than 3,000 radiation-related projects, ranging from the provision of individual expert support and advice and peer review, through to full-scale multi-discipline site characterization, site/risk assessment, regulatory support, strategic advice, remediation, and decommissioning. Arcadis is recognized in Canada and internationally as a leader in the provision of radioactivity expertise by industry and governments and national and international scientific agencies.

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